“In the beginning for El and Will it’s just no supernatural anything”: Noah Schnapp Gives Away ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Spoiler

“In the beginning for El and Will it’s just no supernatural anything”: Noah Schnapp Gives Away ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Spoiler

The creators at Netflix have always been extremely discreet with the new seasons of their popular shows. They like to maintain the suspense of what the new season brings and for people to enjoy it to their fullest. However, this mission is not always successful after the stars give out little spoilers. And now it is Noah Schnapp, who has given us the first spoiler of the new season.

Noah has been a long-running central member of Stranger Things. So his new update regarding the first few episodes of season four has to be legitimate and authentic. Let us see what the actors shared.

Noah Schnapp gives us the first spoiler of Stranger Things 4

We are only four days behind the new Stranger Things season to drop. And the whole cast is doing interviews and promotions. In one such interview about what the new season holds, Noah Schnapp gave away a huge plot point of the initial episodes.

Noah made the fans aware that “in the beginning for El and Will, it’s just no supernatural anything”. In fact, for the major part of the new season, Will and El will have to deal with normal high school problems and even tackle bullying.

This may be because of how El has lost her powers, which can be seen in a five-minute clip released by Netflix.

Moreover, El has moved away from Hawkins and is in a new environment. So we will also get the chance to see her in a completely new environment for the first time in three seasons. And this time, things are going to be completely different as she will not have her powers.

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There have been many theories as to how El will get her powers back, with the most popular being attached to her character poster.

We are certainly eager to see how the new season deals with three separate storylines, one in Hawkins, one in California, and one in Russia. But it is for certain that when Stranger Things season 4 premieres fans will just be happy to see the gang return.

What are your thoughts on El going to school? Will she love it or hate it?

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