Genius ‘Stranger Things’ Fans Already Knew the Color for Each Character’s Poster Based on Season 4 Locations

Genius ‘Stranger Things’ Fans Already Knew the Color for Each Character’s Poster Based on Season 4 Locations

Shows like Stranger Things are not for mindless watches. The real essence of the show lies in catching the multiple references in the show, picking out the minute details in their promotional materials, and of course, discussing them extensively. Fortunately, Stranger Things fans are just that. Since the inception of the show, fans have always been discovering and debating different details of the show. And now, with Stranger Things season 4 release ahead, they have become experts in it.

They now not only find hidden details but have become such expertise in the field that they are now predicting the in advance. Even though the release of the new character posters for the fourth season of Stranger Things was mere hours ago, a real die-hard fan of the show had predicted their color way back.

A fan predicted the Stranger Things season 4 posters’ colors

Stranger Things has always had a great fanbase. The show has been around for almost five years now and the fans absolutely love it. They have become so great at theories and pointing out details that even the Duffer Brothers acknowledged their intelligence.

And the fans did not disappoint the show creators this time too. Recently, Netflix released character posters for the Byers family, who will be in Sunny California this season. All four posters released have a similar color palette of warm colors that go with the setting of California.

But a particular Reddit user had predicted this long before the posters came out. The user was even praised by a fellow enthusiast saying, “Whoever said Orange for California in the last poster post got it spot on!!!”

How did he predict it?

Those who are still wondering about the formula of cracking this particular case. Basically, all the subsequent character posters that Netflix has released get their color theme from the main Stranger Things season 4 poster released earlier this year.

As you can see, the poster for all the characters, including Eleven and Hopper, have their inspiration from the above initial poster.

Now that a theory by fans is successful, It will be interesting to see how other theories like the villain’s name and its connection to a 1992 film hold up.

Let us know all your theories for Stranger Things season 4 in the comments below.

You will be able to stream the first volume of Stranger Things season 4 on Netflix from May 27th.

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