Eleven Loses Her Powers in This Clip From the Fourth Season of Stranger Things

Eleven Loses Her Powers in This Clip From the Fourth Season of Stranger Things

Stranger Things season 4 is set to release on 27th May 2022. And Netflix is enticing fans with all the little crumbs it is putting out before the release of the new season. One such tidbit has found its way to eager Stranger Things fans.  Recently, a never-seen-before clip featured on the Jimmy Fallon show when Millie Bobby Brown went in for a late-night interview. While the promotions of the show are fueling the hype, this clip has blown up crazy.

A new Stranger Things clip featuring Eleven and Will

Netflix has been robust with its promotions for Stranger Things season 4. The first part of the penultimate season is but a week away, answering questions that season 3 ending raised. In a recent promotional effort, the streaming giant released a small clip, featuring Eleven and Will at their high school.

In the clip, a bunch of senior students bully Eleven, making her angry. However, when she tries to retaliate with her powers, she realizes not having them anymore.

What do fans think of the new clip from season 4?

After multiple sacrifices and an exhausting endeavor, the kids were able to successfully shut the gate to the upside down in season 3. Eleven leaves town with Will, Jonathan and their mom Joyce because Hopper is dead. In the first clip revelation, it looks like Eleven has lost her powers!

The clip raises so many questions. Although one question the fans seem to know the answer to is: Will she ever be able to get her powers back? Its pretty obvious from the developments in the previous seasons that she’s likely to have her own power-redemption plot.

Most fans were calling out on Netflix for the promotion of a bullying scene, accusing them of insensitivity towards the real victims of bullying.

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While watching the video, loads of fans felt second-hand embarrassment when El’s powers didn’t work.

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Some were genuinely excited.

Eleven was not the only one to get attention after this clip’s release. Fans showered love on Will Byers too.

The new clip certainly does leave fans guessing the season and how it will shape up. But anticipating the end for season 4 isn’t going to help because Netflix has announced a final season 5 for the show. Fans are exhilarated at the announcement but equally sad because it marks the end. Do you have any cool theories of your own? If you want to brush up on season 3 before watching season 4, now is the best time.

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