Impressed With Ryan Reynolds’ Wrexham Takeover, Hockey Legend Daniel Alfredsson Feels He Should Buy a Hockey Team as Well

Impressed With Ryan Reynolds’ Wrexham Takeover, Hockey Legend Daniel Alfredsson Feels He Should Buy a Hockey Team as Well

That urge to be an all-rounder human being makes us do many surprising and unimaginable things. Being an actor, a husband, a father, a superhero, the king of humor and now the strategic businessman, Ryan Reynolds has done it all. Apart from being an actor, the man has great business sense. Now, after entering sports, the Deadpool actor is up for trying his hands on another sport. And now he has the blessing of the legend of the field. Who is he and what does he say about the actor?

You must have heard about the Wrexham soccer team and how the Red Notice actor is planning to spend a huge amount of money on another sports franchise in his homeland. Reynolds is already the owner of the Wrexham Association Football Club, and he is now excited to be a part of another franchise.

We all know the actor has left no chance to be the poster boy for the DECU. Now, it seems the actor doesn’t want to leave any chance to be able to leave his marks in sports. Let us see what the actor is planning to invest in and what the legend has to say about it.

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Ryan Reynolds is now trying his hands on another sport franchise and Daniel Alfredsson is all for it

Although the owner of Wrexham AFC has had an embarrassing moment with the legend of the game, David Beckham, he seems to be fine handling the team. When Ottawa Senators confirmed the NHL club was for sale, the actor showed his interest to be a part of the owner’s club. Daniel Alfredsson is a former Swedish professional ice hockey player. He has spent 18 seasons in the National Hockey League, primarily with the Ottawa Senators. Now, as Ryan Reynolds has confirmed his interest in buying the team, Daniel Alfredsson showed his excitement for the same.

When Alfredsson watched the Wrexham documentary, he was impressed by Reynolds and his partner, Rob McElhenny. The hockey player thought they were making great efforts to manage the team, and they were doing a nice job. In his own words, “They seem really interested and genuine in trying to do it the right way.” He also said it would be great for the group if the Free Guy actor would end up buying the NHL.

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The actor is interested in being a part of the club, which is now worth US$655 million. Let’s see whether we will see him as the owner of the NHL. Till then, tell us what you think about Reynolds’ recent interest in sports. Do you think he would be able to handle the team the right way?

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