From ‘Superman’ to ‘Green Lantern’ – Ryan Reynolds Didn’t Leave a Chance to Become DCEU’s Poster Boy

From ‘Superman’ to ‘Green Lantern’ – Ryan Reynolds Didn’t Leave a Chance to Become DCEU’s Poster Boy

When it comes to superheroes, there are certain actors come to our minds without thinking too much about it. However, the interesting part is that almost every actor wants to play any comic character with superpowers. Despite being a part of the DC Universe, Ryan Reynolds wishes to play another iconic character that everyone loves dearly.

Deadpool has become a successful film franchise and is now ready to launch with the third installment. When the Deadpool 2 panel spoke at the San Diego Comic-Con, the actor expressed his wish to portray another iconic actor. Precisely, Ryan doesn’t want to leave a chance to be the poster boy for any DCEU film. Do you want to know more about these characters?

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These are the characters Ryan Reynolds wishes to play

During the panel discussion of Deadpool 2, amongst everything, Ryan expressed his will to portray an exemplary character, Wally West aka The Flash. However, there are different versions of The Flash that already exist. The Deadpool actor also wanted to be the poster boy for the character. In 2011, the actor joined the DC Universe as the lead in Green Lantern along with his wife Blake Lively. 

At the discussion, expressing his wish, Ryan said he would like to play Wolverine, but it would be terrible. “Honestly, I wanted to be the Flash, the Wally West version, but I think all of those ships have sailed,” said the actor. No matter what character he plays, Ryan Reynolds will always be amazingly remembered as our favorite Deadpool.

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Especially now that he has brought Hugh Jackman as Wolverine back in the third installment of the Deadpool film, the fans cannot keep their calm. Also, Ryan auditioned for the iconic character that we talked about earlier. He revealed he tried to land the DC’s iconic character, Superman.

As we are aware of Henry Cavill’s authority over the character, can you imagine Ryan Reynolds as Superman? We would love to know your views about this 6 Underground actor’s wishes to be every superhero possible. Which character would you want him to play?

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