“This is nothing but spoilers”- Ryan Reynolds Says, as a Fan Points Out the Horrendous Disney Plus’ Plot Summary for the ‘Deadpool’ Movie

“This is nothing but spoilers”- Ryan Reynolds Says, as a Fan Points Out the Horrendous Disney Plus’ Plot Summary for the ‘Deadpool’ Movie

How incredible it is for an actor to be remembered for something other than their acting. For instance, whenever we hear the name Robin Williams, we remember him being the king of comedy. The name Rowan Atkinson brings Mr. Bean to our minds and when we hear Ryan Reynolds, a sense of humor, amongst other things, comes to mind. There are several examples of the actor’s display of his wits. But this specific incident which includes his movie is so hilarious.

Reynolds has been a part of many iconic movies, including the Deadpool series. If you have noticed, on any streaming platform, there shows a description of the movie that you want to watch. Well, usually it is just the crux of the film without revealing the major spoilers. However, a fan points out the major flaw in the description of one of Ryan’s movies. This is how the actor responded.

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Ryan Reynolds hilariously handles a Deadpool situation in real life

Reynold’s superhero movie, Deadpool will have the third one in the trilogy now. While the fans are waiting for the duo of Ryan and Hugh Jackman to come together again on screen, fans are also recalling the previous Deadpool film. A viewer pointed out the horrendous plot summary of Deadpool 2 on Disney Plus and Ryan responded to that by saying, “It’s nothing but the spoilers,” assuming the man hasn’t seen the movie.

The plot summary of the movie on the OTT platform didn’t please the viewer, and he posted a picture and explained the plot summary of the movie. It wasn’t only Ryan who responded, but the fans of the actor and the movie also chipped in on the occasion.

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The fans praised the movie while others rejected the way this description was written. Some loyal ones went to length and wrote they would watch the movie even with this bad description. Many of them have so much to say. Let’s find out what they are saying about this.

Fans also chip in with the Deadpool actor

Fans of the movie and the actor go crazy and tweeted their hearts out.

All these fans have reasons to love the movie and the actor. What’s yours? Stream the movie here and share your favorite moments with us.

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