After Chris Evans’ Remarks, Is Ryan Reynolds Okay With Not Being the “Funniest Guy”?

After Chris Evans’ Remarks, Is Ryan Reynolds Okay With Not Being the “Funniest Guy”?

Today we have more movies or shows about homosexuals and their lives. A great example is the recently released rom-com show starring Neil Patrick Harris, Uncoupled on Netflix. A recent addition is Bros, which Marvel actor Chris Evans recently promoted. In his promotional video, Evans called the lead actor of the film, Billy Eichner, the “funniest guy,” a tag that Ryan Reynolds is famously associated with. So is the Deadpool actor alright with his friend branding someone else with that tag?

Ryan Reynolds is usually considered the funniest man in the industry, both on and off-screen. However, Chris Evans, the Marvel star, has a little different opinion. He praised another actor, calling him “unfairly talented” & “hilarious”. And the Free Guy actor has a thing or two to say about that.

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Did Ryan Reynolds just admit there is someone funnier than him?

If you have watched the fan-favorite sitcom FRIENDS, you would remember Chandler Bing. He freaks out when his wife, Monica Geller, tells him she met the funniest man at her restaurant. Unlike Chandler, Ryan seems cool about not being the funniest guy in the industry as he posted this on his Instagram story.

The Deadpool actor praised the recently released film Bros. The actor called the movie while calling it ‘funny’ and ‘unexpectedly moving’. He praised not just the movie, but also the star and the whole team who made it amusing as well. Do you agree with Reynolds and Evans? Here’s a little more about the movie if you haven’t watched it yet.

Here is why the actors are praising Bros

This American romantic comedy film directed by Nicholas Stoller received positive ratings. It is the fourth LGBT romantic comedy by a major legacy studio. The movie also becomes the second to have an open LGBT principal cast, after Fire Island (2022).

Starring Billy Eichner, Luke Macfarlane, and many others, the film instantly joins the class of other great rom-com movies. According to Collider, the movie is “a hilarious, sexy, and undeniably charming rom-com from beginning to end.” The New York Times writes, “It accomplishes what “Bros,” like every other rom-com, aims to do: charm audiences with a spirited, corny facsimile of life.”

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The film received a 7.1/10 rating from IMDb and 91% from Rotten Tomatoes. Along with Chris Evans, the funny Free Guy actor also supports and praises the movie. Along with positive reviews, Bros seems to be a must-watch.

What is your view of the movie? Tell us about your observations. Is it worthy of praise?

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