Chris Evans Admires a Comedy Actor for Being “unfairly talented” & “hilarious” and It’s Not Ryan Reynolds

Chris Evans Admires a Comedy Actor for Being “unfairly talented” & “hilarious” and It’s Not Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is one of the funniest actors in the entertainment industry. Both on and off the screen, the actor is known for his penchant for tickling people’s funny bones. The Canadian-American actor entertained viewers with a comedy-drama named Free Guy last year. The movie was a hit with people calling out the 45-year-old for his brilliant comic timing but Marvel actor Chris Evans has other opinions. 

MTV awarded Ryan the Best Comedic Performance award for Free Guy. However, Ryan’s friend, Chris Evans, considers someone else as unfairly talented when it comes to the comedy genre. A shot clip by Captain America is going viral on social media where he can be seen praising an American comedian for his terrific timing and sense of humor.

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Chris Evans’ has a special message for this comedian

The romantic comedy Bros hit the theater screens on September 30 in the United States. The film has surpassed all the expectations as it has become one of the most brilliant rom-com movies to be released in recent times. Bros is being placed in the same league as the likes of The Wedding Planner, Pretty Woman, When Harry Met Sally, and Never Been Kissed. Just a day before the release of the film starring Billy Eichner, Chris Evans shared a beautiful message for his comedian friend.

Captain America was all praises for Billy as he hailed him as one of the best comic actors. In the video shared on Eichner’s official Twitter handle, Evans can be heard saying, “I just got a sneak peek of Bros written by, produced by, and starring by buddy Billy Eichner. He is so funny and so sharp and really unfairly talented. The movie is hilarious.”

A glance at Bros plot

The 2022-film Bros is magnificent in its own ways. It is one of the first romantic comedies from a major studio that portrays the love story of two gay men. Amidst the laughter and fun, the movie manages to give the audience some valuable insights into a serious topic. 

The film revolves around Bobby, who is a neurotic podcast host. He is a happy guy who finds joy in going to tinder dates and has made peace with not getting into a serious relationship. However, his life turns upside down when he meets Aaron, who is a lawyer. Something clicks between the two and they start getting more and more comfortable in each other’s presence. 

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Will you follow up on Chris’s suggestion and watch Bros? Or have you already watched it?

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