After a Successful Run as a Baddie In ‘The Gray Man’, Chris Evans Returns Home to a Brand New MCU Project

After a Successful Run as a Baddie In ‘The Gray Man’, Chris Evans Returns Home to a Brand New MCU Project

Ever since The Avengers: Endgame movie came out in 2019, we have been missing all of our favourite MCU actors, especially Chris Evans. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has kept us long waiting to get a glimpse of the actor. And now, after his successful swing as the psychopathic Lloyd Hansen to catch the uncatchable Sierra Six in The Gray Man, Evans is reportedly to make a massive comeback as the Cap.

So Marvel fans, hold your breath! Because we got to tell you this, our favourite Avenger, the one and only, Captain America is coming Home!

Chris Evans to make a massive comeback into the MCU

The star’s return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been in the air for a long time now. An article published by giantfreakinrobot, and other trusted sources, confirmed that the actor would be back home with an exciting project coming up. It’ll most probably be publically declared in the upcoming D23 event in Anaheim, California.

The mastermind of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, had already discussed a massive crossover. Later, they spilled the beans over the upcoming Marvel movie called the Secret Wars. In another event, the Comic San Diego conferences 2022, the study had already confirmed their first takes on the movie earlier this year.

Chris Evans is vested with one of the original Characters of the Marvel series. Hence, it is obvious for Captain America to stick to the team as always. The Instagram account of Marvel studios also asked an ambiguous question with a post giving us a hint we wanted.

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What more can we expect from the upcoming movie?

Just the thought of Chris Evans fighting the wrongdoer with all his might as Captain America fills us with ecstasy. With whole new film actors making their debut in the new Marvel movies, this is going to be one great show for all the fans. Stars from major blockbuster hits of Netflix will be seen in the upcoming projects. And we are not bluffing since it’s again been confirmed in a Comic-con event earlier this year.

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So stay tuned right here, for we will bring you all the further updates about the upcoming big bash.

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