Ryan Reynolds Reveals He Tried to Land THIS Iconic DC Character, Before the Great ‘Green Lantern’ Horrifics

Ryan Reynolds Reveals He Tried to Land THIS Iconic DC Character, Before the Great ‘Green Lantern’ Horrifics

Getting to know about the career and life of your favorite celebrities is the most intriguing and fun thing. And Ryan Reynolds is one of those actors in Hollywood whose name is enough to bring a smile to your face. Since he is a massive hit on social media for his sizzling humor and sarcastic remarks. Not to mention The Proposal star is a prolific artist who has pulled off plenty of varied characters in movies.

From portraying an antihero in Deadpool films to the voiceover in the blockbuster Detective Pikachu he nearly played every genre. However, there are some roles that he missed out on the way to his extensive career. As he recently revealed how he tried to land an iconic DC character before the infamous Green Lantern.

Ryan Reynolds auditioned for one of the greatest DC characters several years ago

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney joined Buzzfeed on Tuesday to take a quiz while playing with puppies. Just like last saw our handsome superhero, Chris Evans, answering burning questions surrounded by these little cuties. In the session, the Wrexham owners were asked about the role they auditioned for that fans don’t know.

In his answer, the 6 Underground star surprised everyone saying including his best friend McElhenney. “Superman. I auditioned for Superman 18 years ago, whenever that iter-, whatever that iteration was, 15 years ago,” stated Ryan.

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 Moreover, he added that it was even before Brandon Routh who played the role in 2006. The actor also revealed that he didn’t even reach the director session and “barely got on the lo.t” Likewise, Rob answered that he once read to play Anakin Skywalker a legendary force-sensitive human male.

Meanwhile, a few years later he was cast in Green Lantern for the lead role based on the DC comics with the same name. The superhero film focuses on Hal Jordan, a test pilot who becomes the first intergalactic police force. However, the movie turned out to horrifically underperformed at the box office and received a negative response because critics said it was written poorly while the adaptation also strayed from the source material.

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Can you think of Ryan Reynolds replacing our Man of Steel, Henry Cavill? What image he would have if he played the beloved Superman role? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box.


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