Zack Snyder Almost Brought Back Green Lantern played by Ryan Reynolds, Had His DCEU Plans Sustained

Zack Snyder Almost Brought Back Green Lantern played by Ryan Reynolds, Had His DCEU Plans Sustained

Superhero films are among the most famous film genres in today’s day and age. Such films attract a large audience and have a massive fan following. Moreover, they usually do well in both cinemas and streaming platforms. However, there are always a few exceptions. One such superhero film is Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds, which was a flop upon its release at the box office.

Green Lantern also received bizarre reviews and was hated by the audience for inconsistencies and poor writing. But, this setback did not stop Zack Snyder, as the Army of Thieves director almost brought back the superhero for Justice League with new ideas for. So what did he plan?

Zack Snyder’s plan to revive Green Lantern 

Green Lantern, starring Ryan Reynolds, was released in cinemas on 17 June 2011. Despite its failure at the box office, Zack Snyder had some plans for the superhero in the DC extended universe. Snyder was planning to bring back Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern alongside Yalan Gur and Kilowog in Justice League. The 300 director wanted to introduce Hal Jordan (Ryan) to the DCEU as a new version of the superhero, reprising the role in a new continuity.

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Snyder’s original version of Justice League saw Green Lantern filling the key scene played by Martian Manhunter at the movie’s end. However, Warner Bros immediately poured cold water on the plan. In an interview, Snyder revealed what Warner Bros told him. “They were like, ‘We have plans for John Stewart, and we want to do our own announcement.’ So I said, all right, I’ll give you that. So [Martian Manhunter] was the compromise,” said Snyder.

According to Snyder’s plans, Hal Jordan would have acted as the supporting character to Wayne T. Carr’s John Stewart in Justice League. Notably, had Snyder’s plan been followed, his Justice League sequels would have set the stage perfectly for Ryan’s Hal Jordan and Wayne’s John Stewart in the movie. It would have also given Reynolds another chance to play Green Lantern in a better franchise and redeem himself.

Ryan Reynolds mocked Green Lantern in Deadpool 2

Ryan Reynolds has never hesitated to express his opinions on the infamous Green Lantern movie. Interestingly, the Free Guy actor also jokes about his role as Hal Jordan in the film. In his cult classic Deadpool 2‘s end credit scene, Reynolds traveled back to 2011 when he first took the Green Lantern role and shot him.

Well, Snyder’s plan could have saved Deadpool a bullet or not. Do you think a reboot of Green Lantern would make sense? Do let us know in the comments below.

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