“Sports is driven by emotions” – Ryan Reynolds Opens up About His Contribution as the Co-owner of Wrexham AFC

“Sports is driven by emotions” – Ryan Reynolds Opens up About His Contribution as the Co-owner of Wrexham AFC

Ryan Reynolds has invested in several businesses over the years and his soccer team is the biggest step that he took in 2020. The Vancouver-born star bought the Wrexham AFC with his fellow actor Rob McElhenney for $3.4 million. Fans have seen this BFF duo promoting their Welsh team in the classic Reynolds fashion. Their spirit toward making this team successful has always been praiseworthy, which was evident in the Welcome to Wrexham series.

Even though the team has just started playing, the two continuously hope to guide the club back to the football league. The actors are themselves learning the rules of sports because this is their first time experience. Looking forward to everything they have done till now, The Adam Project star recently opened up about his contribution as the co-owner of Wrexham AFC. 

Ryan Reynolds is the storyteller of Wrexham AFC 

During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Ryan Reynolds talked about his soccer team Wrexham AFC. The host asked the actor about how he got into sports and what he knows about it.

In his response, the Free Guy star stated that he actually had no idea about soccer and it was a kind of absurd. According to him, storytelling plays an important role in sports because it helps to connect people with it.

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“I mean, sports is driven by emotions, right? So storytelling can grow a sports club in a really beautiful and distinctly amazing way,” explained Reynolds. Moreover, the R.I.P.D star added that he and Rob McElhenney love the team for this reason as they can convey the story of communities connect to this Welsh team.

On the other hand, Fallon brought up the rumors going on about Ryan Reynolds interested in Ottawa Senators. Therefore, he confirmed that he is interested if he gets a partner because it will probably cost a fortune.

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Meanwhile, Spirited starring Ryan Reynolds is ready to make its arrival in select cinemas on November 11. The movie follows the classic story of a miserly misanthrope who’s taken on a magical journey. Written by Charles Dickens, the film tells more of a modernized version of the story steeped in music and dance.

What do you think about Ryan Reynolds getting ready to take over the sports world? Tell us your views in the comments and stay tuned with us for more exclusive news.

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