Fans Want Nancy to End Up With THIS Surprising Character From ‘Stranger Things’, and It Is Not Steve

Fans Want Nancy to End Up With THIS Surprising Character From ‘Stranger Things’, and It Is Not Steve

Stranger Things season 4 has already shocked fans with its surprising twists and turns. A lot of theories about Season 5 of the show are already floating around. One such theory is going to blow your mind. It’s about the show’s Gun Girl Nancy Wheeler. Nancy isn’t just another pretty face in the show, but a real hero who, with her smarts and bravery, wins our hearts.

When you become a fan favorite, it’s obvious that fans would be invested in your love life and Nancy is no exception to this. Since the show’s fourth season premiered in June, viewers have been buzzing about whom Nancy would end up with, given the tensions between Nancy and Jonathan and a potential rekindling with Steve. Amongst all the debate and discussion, a surprising name has popped up as a candidate for the Gun Girl’s heart.

What’s going on with Nancy?

Nancy’s love life has been through a lot of twists and turns over these 4 seasons. On one hand, things were going great between her and Jonathan. Their chemistry was one of the most adorable things about the show. But things got twisted a little bit between this couple transitioned into a long-distance relationship after the Byers moved to California.

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Stuck in Hawkins during the events of season 4, she becomes friends with Robin. Along with her and Steve, Nancy faces obstacles in the season. While fans dreaded that something would happen between Nancy and Steve, she and Jonathan got together by the end of Volume 2.

But it turns out, that something happened in Season 4 that now makes fans want Nancy to end up with a new Stranger Things character who’s not Steve.

Who’s this mystery character fans want Nancy Wheeler to date?

It’s clear that fans want Nancy to end up neither with Jonathan nor with Steve, but who’s this new person? It’s none other than her new BFF, Robin Buckley.

Although it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, the chemistry between Robin and Nancy is pretty amazing. Soon after volume 1’s premiere, the hashtag #Ronance strated trending, with fans lapping up the pair’s on-screen dynamic. The way both of them do things together and have each other’s backs makes fans believe that something could happen.

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However, the probability of these two ending up together is quite low, given the time constraints of a single season. Then there’s the fact that Nancy is straight and many fans still hope for Jonathan and her to solve their issues. And some fans have pointed these things out:

Regardless of whom Nancy ends up with, it will be fun to watch things Robin and her dynamic in season 5. While you wait for this to happen, stream season 4 on Netflix. Let us know what you think!

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