Disgruntled ‘Stranger Things’ Fans on Steve and Nancy Rekindling Their Relationship Want Alternate Scenarios With Jonathan and Robin

Disgruntled ‘Stranger Things’ Fans on Steve and Nancy Rekindling Their Relationship Want Alternate Scenarios With Jonathan and Robin

Over the course of four highly successful seasons Stranger Things has given the world some of the greatest on-screen couples. El and Mike, Lucas and Max, just to name a few. But the first and the most talked-about couple for the initial years of the show was Steve and Nancy. They started seeing each other as soon as the show started and they had a lot of sparks. That’s why when Nancy went to date her current boyfriend Jonathan, people were left heartbroken for Steve.

However, in the new season, some hints might have been picked up by fans of the King of Babysitter that point toward a probably rekindling between Harrington and Wheeler. Well, how are the fans responding? Let us find out.

Do people want Steve and Nancy back together?

On-screen relationships are a huge deal. Since the inception of shows with romance, people have taken their favorite character’s love interests seriously. Chandler and Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S are just one of the examples where people’s positive reactions solidified an on-screen relationship.

However, that does not seem to be the case for Steve and Nancy in Stranger Things. For well over two seasons, Nancy has been very happy with Jonathan, and Steve was more than happy with his friendship with Robin.

But in season four and especially in the last few episodes where Nancy and Jonathan are apart, people feel that the creators are trying to bring Nancy and Steve together again. However, it feels like people do not agree with the Duffer Brothers and want Steve to be as far from Nancy as possible.

Some of the tweets by the fans are arguing about the two:

Some even feel that nancy coming back with Steve might mean Steve dying for her.

As of now, there hasn’t been any news regarding the two precious lovers coming together again. However, there are still two movie-like episodes left in the season, so we do not know anything for sure.

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Whatever decision the creators take will surely be for the storyline and for the development of the characters. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

Whom do you want Steve to end up with? Also, stream the newest season of Stranger Things and let us know if you guys think Nancy should stay with Jonathan.

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