Fans Refuse To Fall for All the Steve-Nancy Trope, As They Believe Jonathan and Nancy Still Have More Chemistry Than Anyone Else

Fans Refuse To Fall for All the Steve-Nancy Trope, As They Believe Jonathan and Nancy Still Have More Chemistry Than Anyone Else

No show can please audiences in every aspect. But if there has to be one show that has come close to being perfect, it has to be Stranger Things. The current fourth season specifically had no shortcoming whatsoever. However, there was a point of disagreement from the fans. Many did not like that Nancy Wheeler started getting shipped with Steve Harrington.

And now, after the fourth season’s conclusion, fans are reminding all that Jancy is still the strongest relationship in the show. Let us see what the fans are saying for Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers.

Fans back Jonathan instead of Steve Harrington

Relationships were a core part of Stranger Things 4. Mike and El, Hopper and Joyce, and especially Lucas and Max, there were a dozen ongoing relationships this year. However, a fan-favorite couple remained separated from each other for the most part of the fourth season. It was Jancy, aka Jonathan and Nancy’s couple.

Jonathan was with Mike and Will. Whereas Nancy was with Steve, Robin, and the Metal Head Eddie Munson. Steve and Nancy’s prolonged proximity this season has led to a popular theory that they might rekindle after splitting up in the show’s second season.

But fans of Jancy are not happy with it. Many have since started to show their love and support for Jonathan and Nancy by stating that they have the most chemistry out of all the other couples despite their limited screen time in the current season.

Fans have been expressing their support on Twitter with great enthusiasm. Some of the tweets are.

When did Nacy and Jonathan start dating?

After Nancy’s breakup in season 2, she started spending time with Jonathan. However, the duo didn’t officially start dating till the show’s third season. But have been going on strong ever since.

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In fact, Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton, who play Nancy and Jonathan respectively, are also dating in real life.

When they were sighted together at the Los Angeles International Airport following the Golden Globes in 2017, they fueled dating rumors. They were pictured holding hands in Paris. The couple has now been dating for almost five years now.

What do you guys think will happen to Jancy? Will Nancy start dating Steve Harrington in the show’s final season or not? Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments.

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