9 ‘Cobra Kai’ Behind the Scenes Facts That You Must Know

9 ‘Cobra Kai’ Behind the Scenes Facts That You Must Know

Cobra Kai holds the crown for being the most-talked-about show in the industry at the moment. The comedy-drama showrunners Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald are all set to entertain the viewers once again as they are coming up with season five on September 09.

The Karate Kid adaptation is superhit among the viewers due to the amazing twists, intense rivalries, fights, spectacular performances, and comic timing. While you are desperately waiting for the fifth season, let’s dive into some unbelievable facts related to Cobra Kai.

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Nine Cobra Kai Behind the Scenes that will leave you amazed

Cobra Kai premiered as a YouTube show

Netflix is the go-to platform for all the viewers of Cobra Kai. However, this wasn’t the case at the beginning. Originally, the comedy-drama was released on YouTube, and following its immense popularity, Netflix acquired its rights. Jon Hurwitz once mentioned that YouTube showed faith in them without proper script or pitch. 

Ralph Macchio and William Zabka’s involvement

Cobra Kai wouldn’t have been what it is without the dedication and hard work of Ralph Macchio and William Zabka. Macchio portrays the role of Daniel LaRusso in the series, while they cast Zabka as the second protagonist, Johnny Lawrence.

The two actors have given their heart and soul to the show as they are involved in their characters and story. In fact, they know their characters so much that producers let them have more say in the writing process than usual. Zabka and Macchio understand the vision of the television series and have, time and again, provided their own inputs to improve it. 

Cobra Kai was originally planned to represent only Johnny Lawrence

Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald planned to make a television series following The Karate Kid just to represent the vision and point of view of Johnny Lawrence. The 80s films projected Lawrence in the wrong light in the films as they hailed Daniel as the hero. However, the showrunners scraped their idea of making only Lawrence the center character and not losing the show’s essence. 

The stunts are very much real

Unlike the other action films, Cobra Kai actors mostly do their own stunts. Though all of them have body doubles, they train together to look more realistic and authentic on the screen. It won’t be wrong to say that the Cobra Kai stars are almost trained in martial arts due to continuous practice on the sets. 

Martin Kove experiences shades of John Kreese in his personality

John Kreese is a vicious and crucial sensei who wants to build a generation of bullies. The American actor Martin Kove has done a phenomenal job as the main antagonist of Cobra Kai. While Kove is brilliant on screen, he has majorly struggled with his relations in real life due to his character Kreese. The 76-year-old revealed that he has embodied a lot of personality traits from Kreese and is now struggling to separate his on-screen and off-screen personality. 

The story behind the casting of Elisabeth Shue 

No one can forget the character Ali from The Karate Kid, portrayed by Elisabeth Shue. She was the love interest of both Johnny and Daniel, which became another reason for the rivalry between the two.

Cobra Kai creators decided to bring Ali’s character back towards the end of season two without asking Shue if she was interested in becoming a part of the drama. It took a lot of convincing from the showrunners to get the American actress onboard as Ali in the Netflix series. 

The inspiration behind the Netflix television series

Have you ever wondered what the inspiration behind the adaptation of The Karate Kid was? It might surprise you that the success of the rebooted sitcom Fuller House gave the confidence to Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald to come up with Cobra Kai.

As the Fuller House reboot gained immense popularity, the creators got the idea that the audience loves watching a version of what has already been created. 

The owner of the Original Ford Deluxe car

The Karate Kid fans can not forget the swanky Original Ford Delux car that Miyagi gifted to Daniel LaRusso in the film. Notably, the actor Ralph Macchio is also the real owner of the car, as Columbia Pictures gave it to him as a gift following the third The Karate Kid movie. When Cobra Kai’s idea came into existence, Ralph also pitched in to use the same car in the television series. 

Jacob Bertrand’s shortest audition for Cobra Kai

How much time do you think an actor ideally needs to remember the script for the audition? Well, Jacob Bertrand prepared the entire script in just ten minutes. While auditioning for Eli Moskowitz, Jacob came prepared with an old script.

The actor only had ten minutes in hand to remember his dialogues and present the act. There is no surprise that he aced the audition. What helped him most was his four years of training in Karate.

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