‘Cobra Kai’ Sensei Johnny Lawrence Hints at the Possibility of Films Post Finale Season

‘Cobra Kai’ Sensei Johnny Lawrence Hints at the Possibility of Films Post Finale Season

It is completely normal for a die-hard fan of the show to wish their favorite show never ends. The creator of the show, Cobra Kai, never really got over The Karate Kid movies, they created an extended universe in Cobra Kai. They developed the past and characters from the original movies. The show gave depth to the original characters while introducing many new ones. Now, right ahead of the premiere of season 5, the senseis of the Cobra Kai universe give hints of the endgame and tease the fans.

Till now the show has introduced us to the characters from The Karate Kid movie such as Daniel LaRusso, Johnny Lawrence, John Kreese, Terry Silver, even Ali, and many more. Now, with season 5 on the way, we will have the return of some more iconic characters as well. While connecting the story in a circle and ending the show, the viewers must wonder about the future. What would happen next in the Cobra Kai universe? Is this really the end? Do we have any slight possibility of any spinoff or anything the way they did with The Karate Kid? Well, here are the answers to all these questions.

What if we get a movie after Cobra Kai ends?

As the show is approaching the finale, fans are excited yet sad as well. As we said, it is totally natural to not be happy with the ending of our favorite show. However, in a recent interview, William Zabka and Ralph Macchio talked about the show and its endgame. The interviewer asked them what the creators are thinking about the ending of the show. This is what William Zabka has to say.

“I think we’re gonna end this series and then we’re gonna do a trilogy of films,” says the sensei Johnny Lawrence. Ralph joins him and opens up about the possibilities. He explains that Cobra Kai is now the center of The Karate Kid cinematic universe. So, there are many other areas to draw stories from when it comes to the ending.

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There can be the Miyagi origin story, Cobra Kai’s prequel before The Karate Kid or the young characters’ spinoff, and whatnot. These stories evolve organically. Well, while the fans are waiting for the fifth season desperately, these hopes of the spinoff and movies make them optimistic and more excited. Are you also hoping to see more of this universe? What do you think they should bring next after this final season? Share your views with us in the comment box below while you revisit the Cobra Kai universe here.

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