‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 Trailer Is The Perfect Concoction of Fun And Surprise; Jon Hurwitz Reveals He Is “Obsessed” And It Feels Like an 80s’ Movie

‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 Trailer Is The Perfect Concoction of Fun And Surprise; Jon Hurwitz Reveals He Is “Obsessed” And It Feels Like an 80s’ Movie

Netflix is apparently obsessed with 20th-century America. Be it Cobra Kai or Stranger Things, all the popular shows are set in an era when there was a full-fledged influx of both culture and capitalism. While Stranger Things took the entire world by storm with its season 4 release, Cobra Kai is making fans restless ahead of its season 5 release. Let us keep the former aside for a moment, and bring our attention to what Hurwitz got to say about the Cobra Kai season 5 trailer.

Talking about Cobra Kai season 5, both the streaming giant and the director producers are letting out subtle hints to keep the audience intrigued. Earlier director Jon Hurwitz had a productive Q&A season on Twitter. He gave fans insights on what they could expect from the fifth outing. Actors like Mary Mouser also talk about the future of the characters they are playing every now and then. Once again the producer took to Twitter to gush about the exquisite trailer for season 5.

Jon Hurwitz hints at the trailer of Cobra Kai Season 5

Earlier, Netflix announced the release date of the kick-ass series in a rather kick-ass way. The preview saw Terry Silver expanding his Cobra Kai Universe. Meanwhile, Jonny has resolved to fix the damage he has caused and Daniel finds himself getting aid from an old friend. But there’s much to unpack about 21st-century children and only a proper teaser trailer can quench our thirst.

However, to much disappointment, fans still didn’t get a trailer for it. Here’s some good news! Jon Hurwitz, the producer of Netflix’s popular series took to Twitter to talk about the anticipated trailer. He calls the season a nostalgia of the 80s Karate Kid movie. He claims that he is apparently obsessed with the trailer that is perfectly tuned and provides everything the fans asked for without actually revealing anything. But there’s no sign of when we will actually get the trailer. And it seems like he preferred to keep it pretty much hush-hushed.

Bringing the karate kid nostalgia back, the series has all the elements of melodrama, high school love stories, and much more. The last season had so many loose ends and cliffhangers that fans couldn’t wait anymore for September 9th to bring Cobra Kai season 5 and pick up from where season 4 left. Now that Hurwitz has hyped fans once again, let us just wait patiently to finally stream the fifth season on Netflix.

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