Jon Hurwitz Calls Cobra Kai Season 5 Finale “absolutely wild” and Spills Beans About the Series in an Interactive Session With Fans

Jon Hurwitz Calls Cobra Kai Season 5 Finale “absolutely wild” and Spills Beans About the Series in an Interactive Session With Fans

Cobra Kai Season 5 will make its debut on September 9, 2022. Ahead of that, both Netflix and the producers are leaving no stone unturned to keep fans engaged and letting out small hints now and then. In the queue, Jon Hurwitz recently had a wonderful Q&A session with the fans of this kick-ass drama on Twitter. He intelligently replied to many queries giving no spoilers at all. Keep on reading, and you might get many of your doubts cleared. Might as well tell you what the future holds for this American comedy-drama after its fifth outing.

Jon Hurwitz spilled beans about Cobra Kai season 5

Jon Hurwitz, creator and producer of this kick-ass drama calls Cobra Kai season 5 absolutely wild. Further, when asked to describe the upcoming season in one word, his answer was “Unpredictable.”

Jon also made sure that we will see Tory and Robby together at least once in the 5th season. Let us just hope they have a really good time. They both equally deserve to be happy! Furthermore, we are also getting more of Devon. Yeah, we are equally excited!!

He also talked about Miguel’s character arc. According to the director, Miguel will go through a period of drastic changes and will have his share of happy-sad moments throughout. However, he will certainly be happy meeting his father.

When asked about the future of Sam and Miguel’s relationship, he said, “It is an interesting place to enter.”

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He also talks about the future of Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai Season 4 saw lots of twists and turns. There are lots of loose ends that need to be answered in the upcoming season. Hurwitz hinted at the ending of season 5, saying it will be absolutely amazing. However, people will get hurt towards the end of the fifth outing. So we would advise you to keep a box of tissue handy.

Talking about the trailer of Cobra Kai season 5, he didn’t give any particular date but said it would be fun to enter the advertising phase.

He further teased that the story of Miyagiverse is far from over and hence, we will probably have a long future with Cobra Kai unless Netflix cancels the show.

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