7-Time Grammy Winner Billie Eilish Fears Fans Will Outgrow Her Someday, Says “everyone outgrows everything”

7-Time Grammy Winner Billie Eilish Fears Fans Will Outgrow Her Someday, Says “everyone outgrows everything”

There are thousands of shows on Netflix that give viewers a look into the lives of huge celebrities such as Kanye West and Marlyn Monroe, among many others. However, no show comes close to giving the most authentic insight into the lives of artists the way David Letterman‘s, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction does. And if we have to pick an episode that revealed the most about a person, it has to be the Billie Eilish episode.

Billie wasn’t just informative about her music career but her whole life in general. The seven-time Grammy winner went over immensely personal topics such as her journey with Tourette syndrome and her imposter syndrome.

But that’s not all that the 20-year-old artist discussed. She also shared how she knows she will not always be popular. Let us see what Billie Eilish meant by that.

Billie Eilish knows she is not going famous forever

If there is one thing that David Letterman does best is asking intriguing questions that give birth even more interesting answers. And the legendary talk show host was at his best with Billie.

Throughout the episode, the duo talked about multiple things ranging from Eilish’s musical taste to what she would do if not make music. But the most interesting conversation came towards the end of the episode.

Right when David and Billie were about to sign off, Letterman informed Billie how her new record ‘Happier Than Ever’ had crossed the 1 billion streamer mark on Spotify.

David followed this up with a through-provoking question to Billie, “You are not gonna outgrow those people?”

Billie immediately answered no and went on to explain how no one stays popular forever and that she too will be outgrown by audiences one day.

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Eilish says it best, “everyone outgrows everything.” However, Billie also adds that outgrowing doesn’t mean people hate you.

Billie is just 20 years old and has achieved a huge amount of success. So maybe there is a time when people have outgrown her. But that time is nowhere soon.

Do you guys agree with Billie? Share your answers with us in the comments.

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