“This shit is hard”: Billie Eilish Defends Dubstep and Also Opens Up About Her Taste in Music

“This shit is hard”: Billie Eilish Defends Dubstep and Also Opens Up About Her Taste in Music

Any work of art is a tiring endeavor that takes hours, if not days, to be made. However, out of all modes of human expression, music has to be the most popular and, subsequently, the harder. One has to make beats, then associate them with a sense of rhythm, and after that, include lyrics that resonate with people. So if there is anyone who understands the process of making music better than anyone, it has to be Billie Eilish.

But in the highly informative My Next Guest Needs No Introduction episode, the seven-time Grammy-winning artist openly admitted a format she found hard.

Let us see what can be hard for the awesome Billie Eilish.

Billie Eilish loves Dubstep

There isn’t anyone who loves music as much as a top artist with a number of Grammies does. And Billie Eilish proved her love for all kinds of music in her David Letterman episode.

As David proceeded with his amazing question, we got to know a lot about Billie, her struggles, and her choices in music. While the duo was going through Billie’s childhood, David asked Billie whether she liked all kinds of music or not. And Eilish replied with an electric yes.

She went on to share how it was her dad who introduced her to hip-hop and that she considers The Beatles to be the best band to date.

The You Should See Me in a Crown singer then discussed how her musical choices helped her find Dubstep. She said even though people find Dubstep overrated and make fun of it. She finds it “fire” and something really hard to make. “This shit is hard,” said the 20-year-old artist.

Billie then further talked about how she can never name one influence she has had over the years because “it’s so wide.”

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Indeed her wide taste in music can be seen in the music she has made over the years. And with a great career in front of her, she surely will continue to do so.

Do you guys agree with Billie Eilish‘s music choices? Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments.

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