Billie Eilish Calls Grammy Awards “obviously not that valuable”, and What They Have Done to Her

Billie Eilish Calls Grammy Awards “obviously not that valuable”, and What They Have Done to Her

At just the young age of 20, Billie Eilish has achieved the level of success not many get to see in their whole lifetime. It is even unbelievable to think that the seven-time Grammy winner won her first of many when she was just 18, making her the youngest winner ever. But fame and recognition come at a price. And the price is different for each and every person.

Thanks to David Letterman’s inquisitive nature, we got to know how winning such prestigious awards at a young age changed Billie. Let us see what the artist had to say in her My Next Guest Needs No Introduction episode about what fame and praise do to a kid.

Billie Eilish on the underbelly of winning Grammies at a young age

Certainly, getting the rate of fame and praise that Billie got when she was just 16 can be hard for anyone. Even David said that had he been in Eilish’s place, he would’ve surely gone mad and lived somewhere far away from everyone in a motel.

But Billie accepted all the love and hate with utmost grace. So David had to ask whether something happened to Billie after winning more than half a dozen Grammies in just the span of two years.

To this, Billie replied that even though she loves awards and means no disrespect and insult of any kind, she questions their value.

She shared how as a teeen she often wondered about the value of the award itself. She says that it makes a kid go, “If they’re giving it to me, they’re obviously not that valuable.”

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It kicks in a Imposter Syndrome, as David Letterman so rightly says. But Billie adds that she still loves awards and award functions. It is just that she feels people attach validation to them. As a result, when they lose, they feel sort of invalidated, which shouldn’t happen.

What do you guys think? Do people attach too much validation to winning awards or not? Share your opinions with us on the matter in the comments below.

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