“I would rather not make music than…”: Billie Eilish Reveals One Thing That Can Make Her Stop Creating Any Music At All

“I would rather not make music than…”: Billie Eilish Reveals One Thing That Can Make Her Stop Creating Any Music At All

Billie Eilish, the singer-songwriter discussed her love for direction and music videos in her interview with David Letterman. The Bad Guy singer turned only 20 this year, but she has already won four Grammys. She achieved an all-kill with her first studio album When We Fell Asleep, Where Do We Go? in 2019. Next, the singer contributed to Daniel Craig’s No Time To Die soundtrack and earned plenty of accolades for her original composition. For someone that is so invested in music, what could possibly stop the crooner from making more music? Let’s find out. 

Billie Eilish loves making music videos as much as composing music

According to the singer, music videos play an integral part in imprinting an image in people’s minds. It elevates the music and Billie enjoys doing that immensely. She made a startling confession on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman. She admitted that she would give up music if she couldn’t create music videos. 

“I would rather not make music than not make music videos. Music to me, for me, is nothing without music videos,” Eilish admitted. She is greatly involved in the filming process. She and her team brainstorm ideas before filming anything. Although the singer is admittedly not a pro at direction, she has tried her hands at it. She directed her 2021 music video Happier Than Ever.

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The singer-songwriter revealed everything was “real” in Happier Than Ever

Happier Than Ever features Billie Elish talking on a phone and then swimming through torrential rain to climb to the roof of her place. She then busts her vocals out so, singing about a toxic relationship. Billie wanted to “suffer” to perform it well, hence, the rain and the storm. The singer didn’t use a body double or any swimming or breathing tech to film the video. She performed it herself. The singer confessed she practiced her breathing to hold her breath underwater to get the perfect shot. 

Happily Ever After was the sixth single on the album of the name. It peaked at 11 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Watch this Billie Eilish episode here to learn more about the singer’s musical journey.

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