What Is The “Ugliest thing” That Billie Eilish Told David Letterman Following Their Run At Go-Karting?

What Is The “Ugliest thing” That Billie Eilish Told David Letterman Following Their Run At Go-Karting?

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction is one of the best talk shows where celebrities sit down with David Letterman to share their experience. Amid the clamor of shows, this place gives more of a home-like feeling to both actors and viewers. While the host and invitees dive deep into their memories of life. The best part here is that our beloved stars take us to their favorite hangout places. Like Ryan Reynolds showed his beautiful rusty home, Cardi B took us to her food spot and Billie Eilish rode down the road of go-karting. Come let’s find out what fun Billie and David did together on the racing grounds.

Billie Eilish was seen revving up on the go-kart land with David Letterman

In the first episode of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction season 4, fans were introduced to their favorite pop star Billie Eilish. In an open conversation with Letterman Billie talked about how she started doing music shows from a young age. While her parents are the reason that she is here today. Because they raised their children in a completely artistic way. And how she had learned to accept things in life from her syndrome to anything else.

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Billie had a very happy childhood and used to go-karting with her father

Billie took Letterman to her favorite go-kart land. As her eyes sparkled with excitement when she was preparing herself for the race. Whereas David Letterman said he is worried because he is elderly and doesn’t wanna snap his body. To which Billie giggled and they went out on the racing tracks wearing some cool helmets.

Billie Eilish really has that sporty spirit in her as she went all vroom on the tracks. She chased David Letterman saying “I’m right behind you” and overtook him at last. After the race, David said that she stroked his car to win the game.

“I hear someone cackling in my head. It’s highly unpleasant.”

Billie laughed out loud saying “I was trying not to bump you. You’re old!”

To which David replied, “That’s the ugliest thing anyone has ever said to me.”

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While David continued this teasing and said she shouldn’t be allowed back in the court. As she would keep bumping into other people to win. Hence, their fun session ended with waves of laughter and smiling faces. To enjoy the go-kart ride you can stream the whole episode on Netflix.

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