Billie Eilish Calls the Adrenaline Rush After Music Performances “a really nice dump”

Billie Eilish Calls the Adrenaline Rush After Music Performances “a really nice dump”

There is no greater satisfaction and thrill for an artist than to perform in front of a sea of people. To see the audience loving your performance and enjoying it as much as you love performing is the highest form of praise for any artist. And luckily, Billie Eilish is as good a performer as she is a singer.

Billie loves performing, something that we got to know through David Letterman’s amazing questions. But in her My Next Guest Needs No Introduction episode. We also got to know how Billie feels after a performance has ended. And we assure you the answer is hilarious.

Billie Eilish compares the post-performance thrill to…

Attending festivals and concerts has always been a huge part of Billie’s life, even before her rise to fame. And the 20-year-old singer herself has been performing for many years now.

As a result, Eilish very well knows the thrill one gets while performing in front of a huge crowd. So when David Letterman asks Billie how long after performing the adrenalin remains, she answers him in detail.

Billie Eilish mentions that, unlike popular belief, the euphoric feeling one gets after performing doesn’t last very long. She says that for her, it lasts for not more than half an hour.

And then David questions Billie about what it feels like after giving a successful and amazing performance. Billie at first says she can’t say what she is thinking out loud. But upon David’s insistence, Billie finally revealed how it felt.

“It is like taking a really nice dump,” said the actress, and the room fell into complete silence. But after absorbing the answer, the talk show host and his guest burst into laughter.

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David even complemented Billie on how “poetic” her answer is and that she truly is a poet. After being amused by the Grammy-winning artists‘ answer, the duo moved ahead with their conversation.

It is undoubtedly a hilarious response that neither David nor the viewers expected. But it just adds to the authenticity of the show.

Did you guys, too, find Billie’s answer funny? Let us know in the comments.

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