Billie Eilish Remembers the Time She Had “no more songs” to Play at the Venues on the David Letterman Show

Billie Eilish Remembers the Time She Had “no more songs” to Play at the Venues on the David Letterman Show

We knew we were going to get some fun stories from Billie Eilish when we learned that she was appearing on the David Letterman show. Apart from talking about her inspirations, the star talked about a time when she was relatively unknown and didn’t have enough songs to satisfy her fans. It’s surprising to hear the seven-time Grammy winner confess that. But it just makes her journey to where she is all the more inspirational. Her brother Finneas was also a part of the interview and he shared further insights into how they plan a musical concert. 

Billie Eilish didn’t have any more songs to play when fans wanted an encore

On My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman, Billie Eilish revealed that she used to play at small venues. It was great fun for her to play for the small crowd, but unfortunately, the fans would still want more despite her playing all of her songs. 

“There was a period of time where the tours and the shows we were doing, we were doing every song. I would leave the stage and the kids would chant for an encore, and I’d come out, “I don’t have any more songs”” she said. 

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With too many songs in her discography, it’s hard to choose a song for an encore

She was gutsy enough to confess the truth back then. But the singer admits that things have changed now. They have entered a “new territory”. Debuting in 2019, the singer has released too many hit singles and albums. And it has become a challenge for her and her team to find the right song for an encore.

Finneas shared that instead of always playing their most recent song, they consider the audience in the crowd. Their choice depends on what the audience wants to hear rather than promoting Billie’s latest song. They combine both new and old, even if the song is eight years old for the fans who want to hear it.

Catch Billie Eilish talk about her musical career and other things on the Netflix talk show here. 

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