Billie Eilish Reveals a Hilarious Story Involving Diapers, Rags, and Car: “We wash everything with…”

Billie Eilish Reveals a Hilarious Story Involving Diapers, Rags, and Car: “We wash everything with…”

There is probably not a single person in the world who has not enjoyed the music created by the talented artist Billie Eilish. A singer who puts her heart into everything she creates and someone who loves doing what she does, it is indeed a great thing to witness her genius at work. However, it is not the serious and big-time celebrity that is present for the entire time. There is also Billie, who has had a childhood similar to most of us. And this time around, she shared a story about the same on David Letterman’s show.

The story involving rags, diapers, and an unwashed car is something you would least expect Billie to talk about. However, that is what you get from My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. So, with no further ado, let’s dive right into it.

Billie Eilish and David Letterman talk about their diaper rag phase

After talking about Billie’s impostor syndrome and jerks in the show business, it was David Letterman who changed the mood by bringing up an unwashed car he saw at Billie’s house. “By the way, your car needs washing,” David told Billie, who then broke into laughter. He even asked if she was the one who washes it on her own, or if she takes it to some car wash to get it done. Billie hilariously revealed that she does it all by herself, and uses “rags that have been in her family for 100 years”. 

However, if you think calling those rags a hundred years old is funny, then you are definitely not ready for the next part of the story. The Happier Than Ever singer revealed that she and her brother Finneas call the rags “diapers”. And then the brother-sister duo breaks into uncontrollable laughter, as Billie reveals how her parents used these rags as diapers and not the disposable ones. “We wash everything with diaper rags,” Billie Eilish declares. “So all of our baby poop, little particles, probably on my car.

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What’s even more hilarious is that even David himself is from the diaper rag community!

Catch more of this and other hilarious stories from Billie Eilish from My Next Guest Needs No Introduction on Netflix!


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