Billie Eilish Feels She Pretends to Be a Celebrity Sometimes Because of Her Imposter Syndrome

Billie Eilish Feels She Pretends to Be a Celebrity Sometimes Because of Her Imposter Syndrome

The glitter and glamour of the celebrity life that we see with our eyes is often only one side of the picture. There are a million horrors and sorrows that your favorite singers, actors, and sports personalities we do not know about at all. The aura that they create around themselves at times makes us forget they are human, after all, and things can just be as difficult for them as they are for us. Youth icon Billie Eilish recently opened up about how she managed to be a celebrity and that too a really successful one.

Let’s dive right into what Billie had to say about her songwriting process and how she sometimes feels she is pretending to be a celebrity.

Billie Eilish on her imposter syndrome and her songwriting process

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction is hands down one of the best shows to get to know your favorite celebrities. However, it is not always that someone comes to the show and says that they feel like they are pretending to be a celebrity. After all, being that is probably the biggest chunk of their personality. Hence, when Billie Eilish said that she feels like she has Impostor Syndrome, it pulled the rug from under us.

During a conversation about how Billie writes her songs, she told David Letterman that sometimes she feels like she is pretending to be a celebrity. David also remembered the time when she met another woman from the television industry and they both had a similar thought. They both thought, “we’re here by mistake. Soon someone will say *taps his shoulder* ‘time to go’.

Billie then jokingly says that she somehow managed to pretend to be a celebrity for so long that she eventually became one. However, Dave points out that “it’s a good side to be on.” He also talks about how some people leap to the other side and become incorrigible. They become jerks. And then both the talented people agree that there are already way too many jerks in the show business.

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It is so interesting to see Billie Eilish open about all these things on the show, as she always seemed to be someone who tried to remain behind the curtain.

Watch the episode on Netflix featuring Billie Eilish on Netflix if you haven’t already.


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