Billie Eilish Bounces in Frenzy on Receiving a Shirt of Peaky Blinders Star Cillian Murphy

Billie Eilish Bounces in Frenzy on Receiving a Shirt of Peaky Blinders Star Cillian Murphy

How wonderful it is to watch your favorite artist live! Cherries on top, you give them a gift and they love it. It feels like a dream come true, right? Now, imagine you are having a fan moment over an artist and they start fangirling over some other celebrity. Billie Eilish recently shared such moments on her tour while on stage.

Billie Eilish fangirls on stage over Peaky Blinders star

While performing on stage, Billie Eilish interacted with her fans. One fan threw a t-shit towards her and asked her to look at it. Surprising as it was, she did check it out. She literally jumped and shared this fan moment with everyone present there.


As soon as fans saw this on the media, they also freaked out and expressed their love for Billie. They loved the fact that she was one of them now. A typical fangirl and Peaky Blinders lover. This epic gesture of the fan giving Billie the t-shirt and her fans praised and loved her reactions immediately.

Did you know Billie has Irish and Scottish roots?

Even though her birthplace is California, her roots are somewhere in the Irish-Scottish lineage. One of her relatives believes that she gets her rebel attitude from a rural pub in west Cork which is believed to be her roots can be traced to.

An Ancestry research says that this 20-year-old star’s roots can be traced to an exact pub in west Cork. The Clubhouse Bar in Lisbealad near Dunmanway is that pub.

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When Billie’s relative, Ian O’Brien from Surrey in England, was tracing his own lineage, he coincidently found where Billie comes from culturally. Kieran O’Mahony, a Cork native, revealed this coincident to the Irish Sun. He said that while looking for the answers, Ian discovered he was the third cousin of Billie’s father, Patrick O’Connell. He added Kieran was the fourth cousin of the Lost Cause singer, Billie.

But why are we actually talking about these roots and Cillian Murphy? Recently, for a photo shoot, Billie changed her hair to blond, which gave her a totally different external look. As the photos were revealed, fans found the resemblance between Cillian and Billie, as Cillian Murphy is also an Irish actor. However, these two celebrities are not at all connected by anything, but fans started talking about it like this.

As Billie received this lovely gift from a fan while performing, she happily exclaimed, “Yo, it’s me and Cillian Murphy… Oh my God!” and we could see that she was a fan of Cillian Murphy and she became excited. She seemed Happier than Ever when she saw an edited picture of her with the one and only Tommy Shelby. Well, just like Billie, we all are huge fans of Tommy Shelby. Yes, we are.

If you also wish to catch the latest of Cillian Murphy on Netflix, then you are in luck. The last and final season of BBC’s hit series, Peaky Blinders drops on the streaming platform on June 10, 2022!


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