“You would never know”: Billie Eilish Gushes With Zing the Art of Making Music to David Letterman Using Her ‘Happier Than Ever’

“You would never know”: Billie Eilish Gushes With Zing the Art of Making Music to David Letterman Using Her ‘Happier Than Ever’

After hinting at a ton of amazing moments from the show, ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman’ is finally here and fans are going crazy over it. And as we get to know our favorite celebrities a little better with these episodes, so does the host, Letterman himself. In the episode featuring the seven-time Grammy-winner Billie Eilish, we saw the singer show Letterman the art of making music. And trust us, it is a revelation for each one of us. We were just as surprised as David to see how Eilish created her famous song “Happier Than Ever”.

In a clip shared by Netflix on Twitter, we see Billie Eilish and David Letterman talking about music. During that conversation, the “Bad Guy” singer revealed that there is a thing called “comping a vocal” in song production. Honestly, we are just as confused as Letterman. However, Eilish explains further in the video what it actually means. And even then, we are nothing but stunned by her sheer talent.

Billie Eilish breakdown the art of making music for David Letterman

While conversing with the American comedian/TV host, Eilish revealed that she actually takes a bunch of takes of a single song. However, she tried to do that in such a way that “in each one, there’s something usable for every single part“. However, like many of us, Letterman also had a conception in his mind. He thought that singers just sing the entire thing in one go, with minor exceptions. But that is not really what they do, revealed Eilish.

We later see both of them listening to Billie Eilish’s vocal take of her song, “Happier Than Ever”. It is revealed that Eilish took 87 takes to make the final product, which was the original song. Letterman even jokingly compared watching the takes on the screen to going to his cardiologist. He said, “Where is the blockage? Which one? Oh, I see. Okay.

We suggest you check out the entire episode on Netflix to see how excited and baffled Letterman was at this little insight into the music industry.

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