7 Months After the Oscar Slap-gate, Will Smith Has Found the Answer to Everything and It Is About 2 Decades Old

7 Months After the Oscar Slap-gate, Will Smith Has Found the Answer to Everything and It Is About 2 Decades Old

We have been hearing a lot about the post-slap life of the iconic actor, Will Smith. The actor has had a lot of downfalls after the incident. He even publicly apologized to Chris Rock and everyone, as well. While Chris had mixed feelings about forgiving the actor, Smith has been working on himself. And now finally he found the answer to everything, which is not what you think.

As you know, the actor was and still is a rapper before he became a star in Hollywood. Therefore, when it comes to working on himself and answering questions, he found what to say. You must be wondering about the answer now because it is indeed a surprise. Well, let’s find out what answer the actor has found.

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Will Smith has only one answer to everything now

The musicians have their own language when it comes to communicating with people. Therefore, their words and actions also include their musical personality. The same is the case with the Men in Black actor. The King Richard actor loves nature and music. Therefore, here is the answer that we have been talking about now.

As seen in the video, Smith went hiking with his headphones on. When asked about his outfits, he said, “Weather Girls’ It’s Raining Men.” However, it’s not a clothing brand, but what the song represents. It’s Raining Men is a song that represents more than just music. It is a symbolic song and the Aladdin star has his vibes with the song.

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Also, the song originally represents feel-good vibes. This 1970s-style electronic dance music represents the excitement and enjoyment of many types of men. Well, now that Smith was listening to this song while roaming around in nature, represents one personality and liking of the actor. As we said, it’s a feel-good song. Therefore, listening to the song makes Smith happy as he wrote in the caption, “I got one answer to every question.”

Well, do you like this type of music? Have you listened to this song? If not, you can listen here. Then tell us if you also felt good after listening to the song. Share other songs like this in the comment box below.

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