Where is Stingray in ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5? Why was He Kept Out of The Trailer?

Where is Stingray in ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5? Why was He Kept Out of The Trailer?

Don’t we all go to lengths to fulfill our childhood dreams? While most of us opt for the path of hard work and determination to achieve everything we have desired, a few go off the beaten track and become a scoundrels and nasty pieces of work. And Cobra Kai’s Raymond or Stingray, as fans popularly know him, is the perfect example. A living definition of a “man-child,” he is a recurring character in the American Sitcom. Season 4 saw him shaking hands with Terry Silver which helped him secure a position in the dojo and fulfill Silver’s motive. His actions set the story for the upcoming season as well. However, although Silver’s left hand now, we did not see Stingray in the Cobra Kai season 5 trailer.

Why is it so? What is Raymond up to in the upcoming season? Here’s what fans speculate.

What is Stingray up to in Cobra Kai season 5?

In the season 4 finale, we saw Stingray turning against the only person who believed in his fighting style and made him a badass. John Kreese later banned the yellowbelly from his dojo after he served his probation following the fight at West Valley High School. When Raymond attempts to appeal for reinstatement in the dojo, Terry Silver beats him nearly to death. Terry then offers him a seat in Cobra Kai on the condition that he identifies Kreese as his attacker. This causes Kreese to be arrested and Silver to wrest control of his dojo. And fans certainly want to see what the future holds for him.

However, we do not see the fighter who uses his hip to beat off his opponents in the new trailer. Fans speculate that his disappearance from the trailer might be because he is a recurring character and just appeared in seasons 2 and 4 as a catalyst to carry the story forward.

Some fans also believe Silver paid Raymond enough to leave the Miyagiverse and never show his face again. This could be because he doesn’t want his wrongdoings to come out and loot the empire he built within a short period of time. He might as well end up in Jail after beating someone for Terry, where Kreese confronts him. Or maybe he decided to go under the shrine of grand master Oogway in Kung-fu panda-verse to redeem himself.

Here’s what fans got to say more about his absence:

Where do you think Stingray could be in Cobra Kai season 5? Has it something to do with Mike Barnes? Jot down your thoughts in the comment section below.

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