Eagle Eyed Fan Theory Decodes Terry Silver in His Entirety Ahead of ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5

Eagle Eyed Fan Theory Decodes Terry Silver in His Entirety Ahead of ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5

Don’t we all prefer a Villain over a fake hero? After all, they are heroes in their own minds. It’s the beating of their hideous hearts and scornful minds that make them so enticing. Such is the charm of Karate Kid‘s main antagonist Terry Silver. Introduced to the American nostalgic drama, Cobra Kai, in its fourth outing, he has already become the fan-favorite villain. It’s probably because he isn’t poisoned with any form of goodness in his blood. And that certainly sets Terry apart from the other malevolent characters.

Ahead of Cobra Kai season 5, fans on Reddit explained in detail what makes Terry the most vindictive villain of all. They also extend their wish that Terry remains a pure evil, unlike other bad guys who eventually have some good side to them. Apparently, fans do not want Terry to be a lame villain, and they have a whole theory explaining their POV of the character. They believe that it’s possible he has identified the weaknesses of others and uses them to take advantage of them to help his fortune grow.

Fans believe that the evilest villain of Cobra Kai is a psychopath

Sure, every villain has their weakness. But what sets some villains apart is their willingness to get rid of it. Although Terry Silver admits that Kreese is his probable weakness he throws him under the car without forethought. “That was something a person with no emotional connection but mere fear would do. It is very calculating and shows he’s quite the psychopath,” argues the Redditers.

The way silver enjoys giving pain and discomfort to others further substantiates that he has no kindness in his soul. He is a rich person and can get whatever he wants, but he chooses to inflict pain on others. This differentiates his character from that of John Kreese, who is made to be evil. Kreese still has a soft side for Johnny and his students, which makes him a little less of a villain. Further, the way Terry shows no care for his fellow mates also intrigues the fans. They believe only a pure psychopath could show that level of evilness.

Fascinating theories revolving around Terry Silver

Besides believing Silver is a psychopath, fans have theories proving his evilness. They believe that the malfunction of his walkie during the Vietnam war was on purpose. And it could be because of two possible reasons. First, he could have sold it to the officials to manage his finances, and second, he already knew they were going to be saved. Kreese would then fight and die along with the officer. Maybe, he subconsciously wanted to remove his weakness already or come out as a hero that would eventually help him expand his business.

Yet another theory suggests that the future of the All Valley will see Terry ruling the place. “Terry will completely dominate Valley. When Johnny returns, it would become Silver Valley or something. Then Johnny and Larusso would have no choice but to team up to take it down again. And how? By the Valley Tournament of course. Stingray will become a minion of Terry Silver to do his dirty work where teenagers can’t go. But Stingray may later turn around and stand up to Silver as a big change in his character.”

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Do you think Terry Silver is a psychopath? Are you waiting for Cobra Kai season 5 to tell his part of the story? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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