Cobra Kai Season 4 Ending EXPLAINED

Cobra Kai Season 4 Ending EXPLAINED

Your new year begins in the right mood as the wait for Cobra Kai finally ends. And season 4 had everything the fans expected from the comedy-drama series. In typical Cobra Kai fashion, the season 4 ending had a twist and also teased us with the return of a familiar face in the next season. 

The biggest highlight of this season was Johnny and Daniel’s team-up. However, things did not go smoothly for them in the All Valley Tournament against Cobra Kai. If you haven’t completed Cobra Kai season 4, everything ahead will be spoilers for you.

The ending of All Valley Tournament in season 4

As hinted in the trailer, the 51st All Valley Tournament had new rules to revolutionize the tournament. The board members felt these new rules attract more audiences, which will in turn help popularise karate. According to the new rules, there are three categories, i.e. skills, male champions, and female champions, and each dojo gets points for each category.

Since Cobra Kai has the perfect flashy skills, it leads the tournament with Miyagi-Do second in the skills competition. However, Eagle Fang struggled in sixth place. The gap between Eagle Fang and the other two dojos only widens in the male and female champions categories.


Unfortunately, Eagle Fang’s last hope Miguel has to forfeit his semi-final against Eli because of an injury. Robby beats Demetri and sets up a final clash against Eli. With the initial rounds tied, a sudden death round, where the first strike wins, sees Eli win the match. However, Cobra Kai only needs one win to secure the tournament, which it gets when Tory beats Samantha in the finals.

A lot of trust issues

Season 4 of Cobra Kai has a lot of drama between all the characters, and the ending ties it all. The season had a common theme, where almost all the students had some issue with their senseis. The major one is Tory when she realizes Terry had bribed the referee, and Miyagi-Do did not receive fair points.

Johnny also has issues with Miguel when he doesn’t want to compete after the injury. Miguel looks up to Johnny as a father figure, but Johnny’s love for his dojo blinds him. Even Daniel and Sam share a moment where Daniel feels Sam did not win in “the right way” as she used Eagle Fang’s attack strategy. The one relationship which improved for the good was Robby and Johnny’s.

The father-son duo got closure as they finally went out their true feelings. John Kreese also shows his human side for once when he doesn’t encourage Tory to play dirty against Sam in the finals. However, it is too late for him as Terry notices this change in nature and falsely implicates Kreese for attempted murder.

What can happen in Cobra Kai season 5?

Terry will bring his old friends to run Cobra Kai as he plans to open new franchises. Thus, fans will get a new villain in Mike Barnes for season 5. Daniel doesn’t wish to honor the bet with Cobra Kai and even changes his philosophy of “defense only”. But only one person can help him in his quest to “go offense”, i.e., “The Karate Kid III” enemy, Chozen Toguchi.

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With season 5 already completed, fans can expect the new season on Netflix around the same time next year.

What are your thoughts on the ending of Cobra Kai season 4?

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