‘An Allison Redemption’ Fan Theory Picks Clues to Explain Her Transformation in ‘The Umbrella Academy’ 3

‘An Allison Redemption’ Fan Theory Picks Clues to Explain Her Transformation in ‘The Umbrella Academy’ 3

The Umbrella Academy, a Netflix original sci-fi show, had some complex timelines. For the 7 miracle babies whom Hargreeves adopted, time travel so much that it sometimes becomes hard to keep track. So is the case with the stories of the characters. Throughout the 3 seasons of the show, the viewers have witnessed some shocking twists and turns. One such shocking character is Allison Hargreeves, the number 3.

The third season ended on unsettling cliffhangers, and Allison played a part in some of the chaos. Allison is a celebrity actress and a mother with the ability to control the minds of people. She can bend reality by saying the phrase, “I heard a rumor…”. In the third season, Allison, along with the viewers, discovers that she can control minds without using the phrase now. Prior to her first marriage, she was romantically interested in Luther, the number One. Now, at the end of season 3, Allison had made a deal with Sir Reginald Hargreeves and she’s partly responsible for all the chaos that happened at the end. So, the fans have created a theory for her redemption in the upcoming season of the show with proper evidence. Let’s find it out.

The redemption theory for Allision in The Umbrella Academy season 4

Because Allison sexually assaults Luther, kills Harlan, and conspires against her siblings, Allison was one of the major antagonistic forces in season 3 of the show. On Reddit, a fan posted a long theory about Allison being the force behind the actions of the third season and how she can redeem herself in the upcoming season.

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The user named u/Isiildur posted the theory saying, “in rumoring herself to be happy, Allison gave up her free will to her marigold. Throughout the majority of the season, Allison’s body is a puppet for the marigold as the marigold seeks out the way to make Allison happy: reuniting her with Ray and Claire. And in the end, it succeeds.” 

Other fans’ theories

The fellow Redditors agreed and suggested some of their own editions as well. One of them suggested if they really want to punish her, this is how they should punish her. And the fans have their own observations. As some think that she abused her powers. Here you go:

So, these are some fan theories to make Allison pay for what she did. What is your view about the same? What do you think about Allison’s actions and what do you think would happen in the next season of The Umbrella Academy? 

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