The Gray Man and The Umbrella Academy Crossover That You Failed to Notice

The Gray Man and The Umbrella Academy Crossover That You Failed to Notice

Netflix’s big-budget $200 million movie, The Gray Man has already made fans chuckle with the Barbie reference in the movie. But the streamer has found yet another reference, which is definitely going to make The Umbrella Academy fans snicker. 

The dysfunctional family of siblings returned after a prolonged delay. Like its previous seasons, it started off answering questions only to end on a massive cliffhanger. 

The time when both The Gray Man and The Umbrella Academy were looking for Six  

Ryan Gosling plays Courtland Gentry aka Sierra Six, a trained killer working for the CIA. And Rege-jean Page plays his egoistic boss in The Gray Man. In the image, Page is hell-bent on finding Six after he goes underground having unearthed a dark CIA secret. While in The Umbrella Academy, Ben Hargreeves is Number Six.

Netflix plays a pun on Six and reminds the fans that they have been asking the same question since the post-credit scene in season 3.

In the final episode, the siblings lose their powers as Reginald set his evil plan into action. He used the siblings’ powers to reset the universe to bring Abigail back. Powerless they enter a new universe where Reginald is all-powerful. Following it, a cryptic post-credit scene shows Ben on a train reading books with glasses on. 

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Which Ben is it? 

The post-credit scene was confusing for fans because viewers were introduced to two Bens by then. Ben from the original timeline had died young and haunted Klaus until he said goodbye in season 2. Season 3 brought Ben back, but not the original one. When the siblings entered a new timeline, they were introduced to the Sparrow siblings, which also included their beloved brother Ben. 

Eventually, creator Steve Blackman laid the speculations to rest and confirmed that it was Sparrow Ben in the post-credit scene. It does make sense because Sparrow Ben was determined to please his father. He might have joined him in the new universe which is hence why he’s on the train. 

How will this impact the Umbrellas? We don’t know. But in the meanwhile, you can stream The Gray Man.

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