This Fan Observation About ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Couples is as Insane as the Couples

This Fan Observation About ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Couples is as Insane as the Couples

The Umbrella Academy is a very chaotic show. It has a constant threat of the world ending mixed with the dysfunction of the Hargreeves and multiple timelines. So in every season, there is a lot going on. And the only solace and peace in the show could be found in the relationships.

Over the course of three seasons, there have been a lot of fan-favorite relationships that give the show a sense of warmth in otherwise turbulent times. But a fan has spotted an interesting detail that proves these couples might not be normal after all.

Let us take a look at what the fan found out.

All The Umbrella Academy couples had a chaotic first meet

Relationships are something that seems to link Netflix Originals. Whether it be Stranger Things or The Umbrella Academy, couples and relationships are a must for both universes. Where Stranger Things has somewhat normal couples that met in simple ways, the same could not be said for The Umbrella Academy.

A keen fan recently made an interesting discovery about how the major couples met in the series, which is as insane as it could be.

The fans’ discovery quickly made others also think about the way the couples met in the show. And as it turns out, all the first meetings in the show are unusual. Yet another fan listed all the couples and how they met. Take a look at the complete list.

These meetings are certainly extraordinary, to say the least. But they do add to the show’s chaotic nature and also give the couples an extra bit of spice and fun that we all love in The Umbrella Academy. Season four of the hit series is yet to be announced. But the probable season will surely give us more details into each relation, as it is rumored to be the show’s last.

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What do you think about the couples in The Umbrella Academy? Which couple’s first meeting is your favorite? Share your nominations with us in the comments.

The Umbrella Academy is streaming only on Netflix.

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