Even After Stranger Things and The Umbrella Academy, Netflix Finds It Difficult to Not Lose Subscribers

Even After Stranger Things and The Umbrella Academy, Netflix Finds It Difficult to Not Lose Subscribers

Even after the premiere of its two blockbuster shows that Netflix roots for the most, it couldn’t convince the viewers to keep up with the price spikes. Stranger Things and The Umbrella Academy have been the sole reasons at length behind Netflix’s huge success. However, even these two of its original franchises couldn’t stop the streamer from losing subscribers.

Even Stranger Things and The Umbrella Academy couldn’t help Netflix

Time and again, Netflix’s Stranger Things has kept on breaking its own world records for the American streaming giant be it breaking the top viewership charts in 83 countries or the previous ones. Likewise, The Umbrella Academy has been attracting millions of viewers worldwide. These two are the top exciting, character-driven shows that have kept the viewers on the edges of their seats.

They’re just enough in the genre that they share. Both have a parallel theme running themes of supernatural-ish, kids-young adults, monsters, and trying to save the world kind of storyline which might have become too much of the same content for the streamers.

Apart from time travel, lore, mystery, adventure and the brilliant use of CGI and screening, both have a rich usage of contemporary tracks. The music in both the shows has been just incredible. The synthwave in Stranger Things and Jeff Russo’s orchestral score in The Umbrella Academy are both awesome to listen to even outside the show.

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As a result, the two shows were the reason why people always came back to Netflix, but even they couldn’t stop the streamers from unsubscribing from the same. There have been many anticipated reasons behind the crash but let’s figure what actually was the matter all about.

Possible reasons for Netflix’s loss of subscribers

Even after coming in the top 10 most watched shows in the US, Netflix has lost a significant amount of streamers for some apparent reasons. One of them being the extra fees that owners have to give for sharing passwords. The other must be the same repetitive content that the audience needs a break from.


The password sharing crackdown has been the major issue for which people have now started turning over to other OTT platforms with more screen views. Losing 200 million subscribers was the greatest blow Netflix has received so far.

Before things get worse, Netflix’s Vice President and other executive officers have confirmed a huge surprise coming in for the viewers. Hopefully it helps the streaming giant stand again and continue to flourish has it always have until now.

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