What If The Umbrella Academy Was Never Adopted By Reginald? Would They Still Be Chaotic Like Now?

What If The Umbrella Academy Was Never Adopted By Reginald? Would They Still Be Chaotic Like Now?

The characters of Umbrella Academy have seen numerous things in their lives, from being wiped out by an apocalypse to a moon mission. The seven siblings were adopted by Sir Reginald after their inexplicable birth to build a superhero team that will save the world from upcoming desolation. However, no kid could completely reach the expectation of Sir Reginald as most of them were out of hand. Some didn’t realize they had powers or knew how to control them. He always called them “a big failure” so they eventually moved out of the academy.

Meanwhile, the most untamed kid of Hargreeves Number 5 left home at the age of 13 only. Subsequently, growing up, the siblings became more and more disorganized. Have you ever thought about how their lives would have turned out if they weren’t a part of the academy? Let’s see what fans are bantering on Reddit about this idea presented by a fan.

What if The Umbrella Academy was reversed and there is no Hargreeves sibling?

We have seen several theories and speculations created by fans of the series till now. But this is one of the most curious questions that a fan asked people on Reddit. The post stated:

“What do you think their lives would’ve been like had they not been adopted by Reginald (and their moms not killed by Harlan)? We see clips of their moms, so how do you imagine their lives?”

He added his opinion to the question saying that Five would be living with his mom and both of these geniuses might have great chemistry. Also, he might be named after a famous scientist seeing his intelligence and mathematical calculations. Whereas Diego would still be his mama’s boy, becoming a great chef. Seeing the idea, fans jumped with their craziest imaginations they could possibly think of. Although it’s still unpredictable that they would have been better because chaos is kinda part of their lives. Wherever they go, or whatever they do, it follows the Hargreeves siblings.

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What do the fans think?

Fans have some of the best storylines for the characters in case they lived with their families instead of Reginald. Some fans said Allison wouldn’t have changed whereas Lila might be a better person if she wasn’t groomed by the Handler.

Moreover, a fan stated they might have a better burden free childhood and loved parents.

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On the other hand, one fan said Reginald always gets what he wants, so there is no possibility of escaping reality.

Another fan threw light on Viktor’s actions and how his chaotic powers would have destroyed the world earlier.

If you have any new ideas about the characters’ new lifestyle, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment box. All the seasons are currently streaming only on Netflix.

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