Negatively Painted Father Figures Of Netflix Shows, Martin Brenner (ST) And Sir Reginald Hargreeves (TUA) Deserve Better Elucidations

Negatively Painted Father Figures Of Netflix Shows, Martin Brenner (ST) And Sir Reginald Hargreeves (TUA) Deserve Better Elucidations

The world is ending and you are dancing! Has anyone ever imagined going crazy on the last days of their life? Well, that’s what Hargreeves’ siblings like to do in their apocalyptic world of chaos. While the Hawkins gang plays Running Up The Hill whenever a mind-wrecking monster enters their minds. The two best shows on Netflix changed the world of content when they first arrived on the platform. Both the shows received instant admiration from viewers and critics becoming the most-watched shows of the streamer. And surprisingly this paramount duo has some unexplored similarities that will blow up your mind. Including the two main faces who make an integral part of the storylines even if they have less screentime than others. Martin Brenner of Stranger Things and Sir Reginald from The Umbrella Academy left a convicting impression on the hearts of people.

Since they both were portrayed truly wicked and snobbish for their harshness towards kids. Neither did the characters seem to like them whether it was Eleven or Hargreeves siblings. However, the new seasons have turned things upside down and thrown characters into the world where they start questioning their lives. Because they all have blamed their problems on their upbringing and the cold-hearted man who has raised them. But with every new change, it is somehow revealed that both PAPA and Reginald had their reasons to do things.

Were Martin Brenner and Sir Reginald misunderstood this whole time?

Matthew Modine (Martin Brenner) and Colm Feore (Sir Reginald) are famous veterans of American cinema who made their reappearance through Netflix. Both of them embodied strong elder characters with a zeal for finding something extraordinary in this world.  Sir Reginald is depicted as an interdimensional being and eccentric billionaire who created The Umbrella Academy. Similarly, Dr. Martin Brenner is a senior research scientist and director of Hawkins National Laboratory.

Both these characters had controversial personalities in the series as they research a bunch of supernatural kids. We saw Papa and Dad deeply influenced the lives of these kids with their ways of treatment. For instance, Reginald and Brenner gave strict training to monitor their powers regularly. While keeping a check that they learn to harness their powers without harming anyone else.

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Their actions were interpreted cruelly as Eleven and Hargreeves always believed that their father is wicked. Because Dr. Brenner and Reginald kept these supernatural kids emotionally distant from the beginning.  As we saw in The Umbrella Academy, Reginald never talked to his adopted kids and spent most of his time in the study room. Whereas Papa kept Eleven and others confined in Hawkins Lab cutting all the contacts from the outer world. Possessing supernatural powers was a dangerous thing in the human world.

These paternal figures deserved a better viewpoint

Although characters and viewers agreed that Martin and Reginald are the overreaching antagonists. But if we look closely there are several flashbacks in both shows that presented unseen sides of these two people. For instance, we get the diary of Reginald after his death that reveals he was so conscious about the upbringing of his kids. Even he killed himself so that all the estranged siblings come together as a team. Moreover, Martin chipped 001 so that Henry’s immense power cannot harm people. And the training was just a way for these kids to control and understand their powers. Because without the right guidance they might have created havoc like 001.

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Meanwhile, both these daddies knew all the weaknesses of their kids and they wanted to protect them. In season 3 of Umbrella Academy Reginald was seen bonded with Klaus. Which reflected he is rigid on the outside but he does love them. During their childhood, he used to watch them sleeping but never expressed it. Also, in season 4 of Stranger Things in Brenner’s death scene where he told Eleven:

“I want you to know I’m proud of you, so very proud.” 

It was one of the most emotional scenes of volume 2 when he called Eleven her family. And said that he has done these things to help and protect her. Therefore, he was not the monster that everyone believed and he was just a man who sought greatness in others. Alike Reginald who knew that these great kids can save the world from apocalypse and adopted them. Unfortunately, they didn’t get the chance to present their perspective and faced their deaths.

All the seasons of Stranger Things and The Umbrella Academy are streaming on Netflix right now!

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