Matthew Modine Shares A Heartfelt Message With An Image Featuring Millie Bobby Brown And Himself

Matthew Modine Shares A Heartfelt Message With An Image Featuring Millie Bobby Brown And Himself

Matthew Modine and Millie Bobby Brown are inseparable since they met on the Hawkins set of Stranger Things. They instantly clicked when actors started spending time with each other on the sets. Although they had complex dynamics on the show yet the duo developed a strong connection offstage. Their first encounter was just the beginning of their friendship as they grew fond of each other with time. Also, both of them used to have fun together during scenes laughing and talking. But the journey of Dr. Martin Brenner has finally ended this season and there would be no more shoot fun. The actor himself feels the same as he shared a memorable moment from the show.

Matthew Modine will miss the time he spent with Millie aka Eleven in Stranger Things 

The famous Full Metal Jacket star Matthew Modine recently posted a tweet that had a heartwarming message for everyone. As we all know that Brenner died in volume 2 of season 4 so the actor has stepped off from the show. While the show will proceed to season 5 with the remaining characters. Matthew wrote:

“We have no idea where we came from, so why fret about what, if anything, comes after. Live and love every moment.” 

He shared the photo of Papa’s death scene where he expressed his love to his beloved daughter for the first time. And told her that he is proud of Eleven for growing up into an amazing human being. This was a very emotional moment for the actors because they are so close outside the show. Moreover, Matthew has always loved Millie like a daughter so parting onscreen was equally painful for him.

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Like he said in the tweet that living every present moment is important as we don’t know how long we have. Therefore, this scene was the last Papa and Eleven moment Modine had with Millie. Regardless of the show, this is certainly not an end to their adorable relationship. But a closure to a story that the actor will always treasure in his heart.

Papa and Eleven are the bona fide buddies

In a cover story, Modine and Brown sat down with Tudum to talk about their dynamic relationship on the show. Whereas we also get to know how close this duo is in real life when they shared their story. That they used to hang out with each other in the city after shooting.

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Eventually, they became so close that Matthew moved in with Millie’s family for about three months. “We renamed the guest house Modine House,” Millie told Tudum. They would go on road trips and to grocery stores and fans loved that despite their onscreen problems. Well, this is how great memories are created when you truly become friends with a person. Thus, this friendship certainly has a long way to go as Stranger Things was just the beginning!

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