Stranger Things’ Papa Matthew Modine Does Not Seem To Be The Backstage Villain Like The Show Has Painted Him

Stranger Things’ Papa Matthew Modine Does Not Seem To Be The Backstage Villain Like The Show Has Painted Him

In Stranger Things, there have been many antagonists of different forms and sizes since season 1. They wreaked havoc on Hawkins’ soil with their monstrous intentions. Whether it is the Demogorgon, Mind Flayer, or Vecna who is himself the source behind this Upside Down. The only flesh and bone villain fans saw in the whole series is Dr. Martin Brenner played by Matthew Modine.

As we blame him for all the massacres that took place in the Laboratory of Hawkins town. But there are always two sides to every story narrated: the one is what we believe as viewers and the other is the real experience of that character. Although the character of Dr. Brenner has been shown rarely in all four seasons. Still, it seems that the man has flickers of positivity in him if we closely meditate on his actions.

The assumed villain of Stranger Things Matthew Modine has deeper roots in the storyline 

If we travel back in time to Eleven’s memories Papa is the man who trains these 17 children in a secluded lab. He helps them nurture their powers and we don’t see any kind of harm done to kids. However, it is revealed that Brenner has embedded a chip in Henry Creel’s neck. Which seemed to be solely a protection barrier for everyone so that Henry’s immense power cannot harm people.

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Because when Peter’s identity is revealed it becomes evident that he was a wicked kid who killed his family. While putting all the blame on his father pretending he is dead. Moreover, it was Peter who tricked Papa and started living with him in the Hawkins Lab as his first child 001. We can say that the ways Brenner used to keep those children captive are not appreciable. But there is a possibility that he might be saving them from evil hands. Like Russians, who could have used Eleven’s psychokinetic powers to open portals to other worlds.

Theories that might make you wonder if Papa is truly evil or not 

On the other hand, viewers saw that Brenner never wanted the gate to be opened. And it was just a sudden mistake that ruined everything as Eleven went into a panic. Papa was continuously doing research and sending scientists in to find out the solution to this problem. As he knew this gate might tear up the whole Hawkins town into shreds. He seems to indicate all the terrible things coming their way and tells Eleven that she is not ready yet. Including the glimpse we got in the volume 2 trailer him saying:

“I know you’re frightened. You are terribly frightened by what you’ve seen. But I’m not gonna lie to you. You friends are not prepared for this fight.” 

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Therefore, we saw Eleven taking Papa’s hand in season 4 volume 1 as if she has some faith left in him. That she still trusts his process of retaining her powers and goes with him. So here we end with our newfound theory about the wicked scientist who isn’t so evil. But fans are always welcome to drop their opinions about Matthew Modine aka Papa in the comment box.

One thought on “Stranger Things’ Papa Matthew Modine Does Not Seem To Be The Backstage Villain Like The Show Has Painted Him

  1. Reply
    Synthia Zaman Alif
    July 3, 2022 at 12:01 am

    Why am I saying that Dr. Brenner could be a good person? Thing is that it’s just my theory or more accurately you can say that it’s just my hope.
    1. Henry was searching for a door to the upside down so that he can join Mind Flayer and 011 opened the GODDAMN DOOR for him unconsciously. Now tell me where’r DR. Brenner’s fault here? Who’s the one that manipulated 011 ? It was none other than 001.
    2. Henry AKA 001 had his powers even before meeting Dr. Brenner, His power wasn’t Brenner gifted. All Doctor did is distribute Henry’s power to some kids for some sort of experiment. Now what if the intention of the experiment was nothing bad but for the welfare of human being?
    3. Good to mention that only supernatural powers can beat another supernatural power. So it was simply necessary to clone his powers to keep him in control. Cz what if Brenner predicted his intentions a long time ago? I mean it is never impossible. Cz the plot of s5 is still unrevealed.
    4. Yeah Ik that Papa lies, hides the truth, keeps himself mysterious and also can be cruel in times to achieve what he wants. But what if all the wanted was good ? Maybe we are just misunderstanding him
    5. Now y’all are thinking that Papa has snatched the kids from their parents. But what if the children were simply orphan? 6.And about Jane’s mother? She might be mentally sick person, She murdered a guy there in the hospital. Now you can say that it was accidental or bcz of defense. But what if it wasn’t? The electric therapy might be the part of her treatment. And even after they tried a lot they couldn’t cure her. So since there’s none to take care of Jane, Brenner took her with him .
    Now all I said could be truth , also couldn’t. I am saying it once again that this is just my theory And I want to believe that Papa is a good guy. And I hope it’s normal to love a hated character. It’s normal to have diff opinion.

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