‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 3 Ending References Reginald Hargreeves’ Comic Book Origins – What Does It Mean for Season 4

‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 3 Ending References Reginald Hargreeves’ Comic Book Origins – What Does It Mean for Season 4

After several pandemic-induced delays, the superhero show, The Umbrella Academy, returned to our screens this summer. Season 3 introduced us to the new Sparrow Siblings and the Academy that replaced the Umbrellas in the new timeline. Apart from the Sparrows, Sir Reginald’s demeanor also caught us off-guard. The season’s ending is a direct reference to his origins in the comics. And we think it will play a big role in shaping up the story next season. 

What happened in the final moments of The Umbrella Academy?

The Sparrow timeline’s Reginald wasn’t the cold, calculating father we had witnessed in the previous two seasons. The new version of Reginald Hargreeves was supportive and vulnerable! But eventually, we find out that it was all just a facade. He used the Umbrellas, especially their powers, to get what he always wanted – his wife Abigail. In the final moments, Reginald reprogrammes the universe to resurrect his dead wife, Abigail. On the flip side, his children lose their powers. To make matters worse, he owns everything in the new universe.

This is very much in line with his origin story. 

In the comics, Reginald, or The Monocle, is a businessman, investor, scientist, Olympic gold medalist, and Nobel Winner. He is said to have a private plane, Minerva, which runs on an Egyptian Pharaoh’s remains. It’s hinted that he’s an alien and lost his wife on his home planet. The creators of the show had already pointed this out in season 1. 

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How will these new developments affect the next season’s narrative?

Firstly, the powerless Umbrellas will have to be at the mercy of their father, more so because of the inaccessibility to Hotel Obsidian/Oblivion. Secondly, if this new Reginald is the same as the Sparrow timeline Reginald, he might retain the pre-apocalypse. That will shake things up a bit because he might see his kids as a threat who wants to reset the universe. He will definitely want to dispose of them if there’s a chance that he might lose Abigail again.

What do you think will happen in The Umbrella Academy season 4?

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