Your Guide To The Confusing Timelines In ‘The Umbrella Academy’

Your Guide To The Confusing Timelines In ‘The Umbrella Academy’

Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy has extensively used time travel as a means of story narration. The Hargreeves siblings, especially Number 5, keep on manipulating time. Because Five possess the superpower of time and space travel that branches all the events in their world, he is the one who discovered that the world will be ruined by the apocalypse soon.

So all the siblings jump to different timelines with Five to save their lives. However, the circumstances make this timeline escape quite haphazard and chaotic, as the story moves back and forth in time quickly. Moreover, there are so many timelines in the series that it creates a tangled web of time. Let’s break down the timelines that the show has depicted in all three seasons.

The Umbrella Academy is an intricate set of timelines that will boggle your mind

The show opened in 2019 when all the siblings visits the Academy for Sir Reginald’s funeral. This is how the cycle of doom started that took fans on a conflicting journey of timelines. Because the existence of characters relied on time travel, they move to the past. So Five Hargreeves takes his family with him to secure them until he finds a solution to this approaching end.

The 1890s

In a flashback, we see that Reginald is speaking with a bedridden woman, who is telling him to start a new life. Moreover, viewers get to know that Reginald is an alien who moves to earth for a certain reason. Now he is living in America sometime after 1898, where he established a company an umbrella company.

The 1960s

Running from apocalypse, the Hargreeves siblings fall in different years of the 1960s and eventually get together to save the world. Klaus and Ben arrive in 1960 in Dallas, Allison in 1961, Luther in 1962, and Diego and Viktor in 1963 where they all start a new life and forget everything until Five arrives, telling them about the Nuclear war.

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In this timeline, we meet Grace, who is a human working with Reginald in a secret organization called Majestic 12. Grace is seen training and educating Pogo for their science experiments in outer space. And they live together like a family, with Reginald reading Pogo stories in 1963. Four years later, we meet a grown-up Five, who is assigned to kill someone by the Commission.

In a traumatic memory, fans see Klaus in 1968, who dropped into a warzone. Here, he met Dave and fell in love with him, and they spent little time together. During the heavy gunfire battle, Dave is wounded and succumbs to death.

The 1980s 

Moving forward to the most important event of The Umbrella Academy. 43 supernatural kids are born on October 1, 1989, in mysterious circumstances. Meanwhile, Sir Reginald adopts 7 of these kids to train them to create a superhero team. We meet them as Number One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, and Seven.

The 2000s

In 2001, Klaus is traumatized by his powers of conjuring ghosts and is locked in a mausoleum. However, it is revealed this training process has only increased his problems. Meanwhile, in 2002 all the kids except Viktor go on their first mission as a team. And we also meet Harold, who claims to be a “supernatural” kid humiliated by Reginald. Four years later, Ben is killed in a mission but becomes a ghost talking to Klaus.

The 2010s

The event of 2012 dives into the memory of Luther, brought back to the academy injured in a mission. And to save him, Reginald injects a serum into his body. As a result, he transforms into an ape-like human permanently.

Then in 2015, Viktor wrote an autobiography about his suppressive life while Luther was sent to the moon. Continuing to 2019, we see the first apocalypse take place when Viktor channels her powers and damages the moon. This leads to asteroids falling on earth and siblings traveling to another timeline at the last moment.

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Meanwhile, in an alternative timeline, we meet the new family of Reginald, The Sparrows. And Hargreeves siblings are shocked to see that another set of kids has usurped their home. Shockingly, Ben is alive in this 2014 timeline and much of a snobbish member of Sparrows. However, this reality is also not long-lasting due to the disintegration of timelines. Therefore, after the universe is rebuilt, all the Hargreeves are alive, but they have lost their powers.

The 2060s

At the age of 13, Number Five jumped to the future, where he spent about 45 years in solitude. Until he came in contact with The Commission, who hired him as an assassin. During his tenure with Temps, he killed many people who affected the timelines and traveled to the past. The Handler was a high-ranked officer who kept an eye on Five in the wasteland. And he later made a deal to serve the Commission in exchange for freedom from this silent dead world.

The Umbrella Academy cross so many timelines at a time through flashbacks, memories, and time jump. It sometimes becomes complex to understand what timeline characters are living in. The chaotic timeline is one of the weirdest and wildest things to see. Yet fans have adored the series for its absurdity and high-powered siblings who keep on fighting this apocalypse in every timeline.

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