From Diego And Lila To Luther And Sloan, Fans Pick Their Favorite ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Couples

From Diego And Lila To Luther And Sloan, Fans Pick Their Favorite ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Couples

In every new movie or show, there is always such a fan favorite couple that makes people believe in love. because these characters’ small moments of love and romance make life better. So what’s the first thought that comes to you about love when we say the word The Umbrella Academy. There are many love angles depicted in the show amid chaos. However, these love stories don’t seem to take the successful path in the series. But we still have some favorites whose chemistry touched our hearts. Let’s see which couple fans pick as their favorite from this fascinating show.

Who takes the best couple award from fans in The Umbrella Academy?

In a recent post on Reddit, a curious fan asked people about their favorite couple from The Umbrella Academy. The post stated:

“Who do you like better? Diego and Lila or Luther and Sloane? For me, it’s hard to pick since their dynamics are so different, but I love both!”

The show has given characters several chances to fall in love even when the imminent and never-ending apocalypse occupies them. So, here the competition is between Diego-Lila and Luther-Sloane, two major romantic relationships we have on the show. Because their unfortunate timings, most love affairs meet tragic ends in the show.

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However, the Romeo and Juliet couple of the Hargreeves family, Luther-Sloane, finally find their way down the aisle in the final moments of season 3. Meanwhile, Diego and Lila have a messed-up relationship. Because both of them have trust issues, and Diego is stuck on Eudora’s death. But they clearly have feelings for each other, and viewers love their toxic chemistry. So who will fans choose?

What’s the fan verdict?

Most fans love the bitter-sweet relationship between Diego and Lila as they reflect modern love, which has its own complexities and moments of attraction. In contrast, Luther and Sloane give an impression of love at first sight when they meet in Sparrow Academy.

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Whereas many others remembered the tragic love story of Klaus and Dave: The two lovely birds really had the spark in The Umbrella Academy season 1. Others picked lesser popular but healthier couples like Ray-Allison, Hazel-Agnes, and Viktor-Sissy.

How do you like the fans’ opinion about couples? Don’t forget to tell your favorite in the comment box below. All three seasons are currently streaming on Netflix. Go get your dose of romance and action now!

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