Five And Dolores: A ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Love Story Not Explored Enough

Five And Dolores: A ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Love Story Not Explored Enough

The crime-fighting team of super-powered individuals is the craziest family viewers could meet as their lives are filled with chaos and drama round the clock. And there is no doubt that we sometimes don’t understand their equations. At the same time, they have compelling reasons for their actions and reactions to things. Although The Umbrella Academy has not many successful love stories, there is one that is certainly not a usual heart connection.

It is a story of loneliness and void in Five Hargreeves’ life which Dolores helped abate. They met in the post-apocalyptic world where life had no meaning, and she became his sole companion. Let’s dive deeper into how Five became so infatuated with a lifeless mannequin in a wasteland.

The weirdest couple of The Umbrella Academy

Wielding one of the best superpowers in the Hargreeves family, Number 5 was an impatient kid. He wanted to grow his powers in an instant and do time traveling. Subsequently, he lost 45 years trapped in a demolished land. His miscalculation and complex rules of time manipulation leave him stuck in isolation. This mistake became the biggest challenge that Five faced living in that timeline. Eventually, he accepts that he could never reverse what he has done and finds a mannequin whom he names Dolores.

Moreover, we see Five take her everywhere he went and talk to her all the time. His indulgence with Dolores sometimes indicates that he is not sane. However, no one seems to understand the experience Number 5 has gone through. Living on an empty planet would make anyone go crazy, and he needed a shoulder to rely on. Thus, Dolores was the emotional support that helped him live through the hell that being the only person alive was. Even though she might be a lifeless object, she was there for him when no human being was.

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Number 5 is truly attached to his lifelong partner Delores

The present timeline in the series sees Five unable to forget Dolores despite getting back to his family. For instance, he finds Dolores in the department store and protects her when Cha-Cha and Hazel shoot. Number 5 is disheartened to see her body gets disintegrated during the attack. So he never let anyone close to her until season 2 when finally says his last goodbye.

But his love for Dolores doesn’t end there, as we see in season 3, when Jayme spat on Five’s face, he hallucinates Dolores coming to life and passionately kisses her in the imagination. The scene was quite hilarious for fans, but if we dig deeper, it has traumatic outlines. Because Number 5 was all alone on a hollowed planet and desperately needed something to engage his mind, Dolores became his companion in emptiness whom he could confide in. That is why he is so attached to her and loves her deeply, thinking she replies to his talking.

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Can you imagine living in an isolated world for 50 years? What would you do if you faced such circumstances? Do let us know your views in the comment box!

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