All of Us Are Dead: 7 Movies to Watch if You Want More of the Brain Eating Monsters

All of Us Are Dead: 7 Movies to Watch if You Want More of the Brain Eating Monsters

All of Us Are Dead took the world by storm when it was released on the streaming platform on 28th January. Not a path-breaking show by any means, the show, however, revived the Zombie genre. Set in a High school in Korea, the show puts the focus on a group of high school students undertaking a perilous journey to reach safety, away from the zombies. The first episode is enough to hook you in but if you have already blazed through the episodes and need more, here are 7 more movies like All of Us Are Dead to watch on Netflix.


First in the list of movies like All of Us Are Dead is #Alive. Released in 2020, the movie centers on a gaming geek, Oh Joon Ho, who ended up surviving the initial zombie outbreak simply because he was too invested in his game to notice the ruckus outside. What will happen once he is no longer gaming? Stream the movie to find out.


It’s rare for a Filipino movie to make it to a horror movie list, but Izla is worth a mention. The 2021 horror movie follows two brothers as they accompany a group of female vloggers to go on an adventure to the Forbidden Island. Stream the movie to know what happens to the group on the island.


Very different from his character in The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggings, Martin Freeman plays a desperate father in the 2017 flick Cargo. Andy will do anything to save his daughter. The way he protects his daughter will remind you of On-Jo’s father, making a perfect fit in a list of movies like All of Us Are Dead. Find out what happens to him and his daughter by streaming this movie.

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The 2017 French film has a bleak atmosphere with excellent cinematography and soundtrack to add further effect to the bone-chilling moments in the film. A group of survivors bands together to fight against a much more intelligent zombie race. As you stream the film, you will see quite a resemblance between the survivors in this film to that of the high schoolers in All of Us Are Dead.

Fear Street Trilogy

Fear street trilogy is a delicious combination of slasher action, horror, and fantasy. Adapted from R.L Stine’s novel of the same name, it is based on an age-old curse that turns people into the undead. The horror show continues for three generations until a few high schoolers decide enough is enough. 

Rim of the World 

Rim of the World follows a group of misfits at a camp who try to use their survival tactics to save themselves and their world from an alien invasion. If you like movies with kids trying to become heroes, this movie is right up your alley. And such teen heroes will definitely remind you of Hyosan students who fought tooth and nail to survive.

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Blood Red Sky

Gwi Nam was the most despicable character in All of Us Are Dead, but if you want a villain you can root for, you should watch Blood Red Sky. The movie follows a vampire, Nadja, who wrecks havoc on the hijackers that threaten to kill her son. Stream the movie to know what happens to Nadja and her son.

The 8th Night

Centuries ago, Buddha buried the demonic monster who used to devour humans with its eyes. But a professor accidentally awakens one of the eyes, who will now stop at nothing to return to its form. What will happen next? Find out as you stream The 8th Night on Netflix.

There you have it! You have more movies like All of Us Are Dead to take in more braining-eating zombies and monsters over the Valentines weekend. Should you want something more romantic, here are some romcoms to check out.

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