‘All of Us Are Dead’ Ending EXPLAINED – What Happened to Lee Cheong-San?

‘All of Us Are Dead’ Ending EXPLAINED – What Happened to Lee Cheong-San?

Netflix released a new K-Drama called All of Us Are Dead on January 28. But, this one differs from other K-Dramas as it has added Korea’s other favorite genre, zombie apocalypse, to the mix. However, such a zombie series always has deaths, so fans want to know who has survived the ending of All of Us Are Dead.

The 12-episode series shows a group of students trying to escape from their high school as a zombie outbreak originates from their school. As we discuss the ending of All of Us Are Dead, here is your warning about the spoilers ahead. So, let us look at who lives to tell the tale of the zombie outbreak.

Chaos breaks at Hyosan High

In All of Us Are Dead, we find out that the virus outbreak is not a result of an altercation among the animals, which is usually the case in such zombie movies. Instead, a father created the virus to stop his son’s bullies, but things go out of control pretty quickly. Thus, Hyosan High’s science classroom transformed into ground zero of the zombie outbreak.

Ironically, the bully Gwi-nam (Yoo In-soo) has become a human-zombie hybrid and is hungry for more victims. The class manages to escape the science classroom, but ended losing many classmates. Lee Cheong-san also falls victim to Gwi-nam’s hunger. Thus, the series sets up a finale-level clash between Cheong-san and Gwi-nam.

One parent shines as a hero

A zombie outbreak is not something to go in head-on. However, one father wants to protect his child, and the frightening situation does not concern him. Thus, we see On-jo’s father, Nam So-ju, breaking quarantine and dodging the Korean military and the zombies to save his daughter. Nam So-ju becomes responsible for the group’s escape from the gym.

Unfortunately, Nam So-ju has to sacrifice himself to the zombies, which makes for a sad farewell. Even after his death, Nam So-ju helps the group as his ribboned route in the forest leads the students to Yangdong. “Your father. He saved all of us,” Ha-ri praises On-jo’s father’s efforts. “I’ll never forget it as long as I live. None of us will.”

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Nam-ra provides hope about Lee Cheong-San’s survival

Few have survived the zombie outbreak and safely reached the quarantine camp. However, the survivors sneak out of the camp to visit the school. Nam-ra has survived but cannot return to the normal civilization as she has turned into a hambie. Nam-ra lives with a group of other hambies.

Nam-ra indirectly hints at Cheong-san surviving when she tells On-jo about others like her. However, it is unlikely that Cheong-san survived after falling in the elevator shaft, which was already covered in flames.

Our predictions could be wrong, but you will have to wait for Netflix to release All of Us Are Dead season 2. Meanwhile, you can stream the current season on Netflix.

Which character’s death at the ending of All of Us Are Dead affected you the most? Let us know in the comments.

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