Yoo In Soo in All of Us Are Dead: The Evolution from a Mere Bully to a Monster That Terrorizes the Survivors

Yoo In Soo in All of Us Are Dead: The Evolution from a Mere Bully to a Monster That Terrorizes the Survivors

As if things weren’t bad enough already for Cheong San and co., Director Lee Jae Kyoo, decided to add a far terrifying threat in the form of Yoon Gwi Nam (Yoo In Soo). The Yoo In Soo character in All of Us Are Dead is the textbook definition of a psychopath. And what happen when such an individual is stuck in a survival battle? Yup, gruesome and shocking murders. Throughout the show, we have seen Gwi Nam become progressively evil until we reach the climax. Soon, we have a terrifyingly villianous form of Yoo In Soo in All of Us Are Dead.

Let’s have a quick recap of how the director made the character irredeemable in the eyes of the viewers. 

With no real power, Gwi Nam was only a lackey 

At the beginning of All of Us Are Dead we are introduced to Yoon Gwi Nam as just another bully who relishes torturing other students. His ego receives a boost at the sight of cowering students. 

But it takes a hit whenever he confronts Lee Su Hyeok (Park Solomon). He knows he is not the best fighter in the school and has no say over Son Myung. What Son Myung tells him to do, he must do so without any objection. 

However, with the outbreak of the virus at the school, we see a selfish, desperate Gwi Nam using other students as bait to keep himself alive. 

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Gwi Nam murders the school principal in cold blood

Gwi Nam was never good, to begin with, but he had not reached the point of no return until he killed the school’s principal. 

Sure, the principal hid in his room, while the students were getting infected. He was also the underlying cause for the outbreak if you look at the science teacher’s take. However, he didn’t deserve to be killed. Cheong San caught Gwi Nam in the act while he was stabbing the principal and decided to record it. 

Cheong San belittled Gwi Nam and threatened him that he would hand over the footage to the authorities. This led to an altercation between the two, resulting in Gwi Nam losing an eye and getting bitten by a zombie. 

He becomes Hyosan High’s first Hambie 

It doesn’t take too long for Gwi Nam to realize that he is different from the other dumb zombies. Realizing the power he holds now, he goes entirely berserk with a mission to gouge Cheong San’s eye out.

(Yes, folks, an eye for an eye)

He screams Cheong San’s name in the corridor full of zombies with a wicked smile. 

After this point, Gwi Nam spent the rest of the series relentlessly searching for Cheong San, meanwhile satisfying his hunger after eating (sounds gross, but you can stomach this much if you are a fan of gore) Lee Na Yeon, and Park Young.

Needless to say, through an outbreak and desperation that followed, Gwi Nam really became the epitome of villiany. What are your thoughts on this series streaming on Netflix and Yoo In Soo’s character? Comment down below.

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