Better Call Saul Netflix UK Release Date- Here’s Every Episode Schedule

Better Call Saul Netflix UK Release Date- Here’s Every Episode Schedule

When in trouble with the law, Better Call Saul! There are barristers and attorneys you would blindly follow when accused or sued, and then there is Saul Goodman. The man surely knows his way out of any case. However, it’s heartbreaking to know that the fan-favorite series based on the transformation of a con artist to a renowned crime lawyer will be null and void towards the end of July 2022. Yes, we are as sad announcing that Netflix recently teased the release date of the final season of Better Call Saul. 

Hang on with us as we lay out the schedule of each episode of the award-winning series.

What’s in for the attorney in the last season?

The dark, funny, and vividly realized master class in tragedy; Better Call Saul season 6, the concluding season, is here to inject a surge of dramatic energy. Apparently, Saul Goodman was not always the ace attorney for chemist turned-meth dealer Walter White. The then Jimmy McGill has gone through a series of trials and tribulations to transform into the morally challenged lawyer he is today.

Season 6 of this dramatic tale will chiefly conclude how McGill becomes Mr. Goodman and what led him to his life with the notorious ‘Heisenberg’ in the first place, as we see him in Breaking BadFrom the Cartel to Courthouse and from Albuquerque to Omaha, the concluding season will track Jimmy, Saul, and Gene. Further, it will also showcase his complex relationship with his wife, Kim (Rhea Seehorn).

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We know you are already excited to know the release date of this astounding dramedy and we would like to tease exactly that without wasting much time.

Better Call Saul season six: release date

Led by Bob Odenkirk, the final season of Better Call Saul was earlier set to premiere in 2021. However, like many other shows, the pandemic paused the ongoing work at the set of this dark tragedy. Further, as the production finally began, it was put on a brief hold as our beloved Bob suffered through heart attack last July. Thankfully, he was recovered soon, and the wait is now over.

Netflix UK recently tweeted a post, teasing the release date of AMC aired drama series. The final season will finally be back on April 19, in Netflix UK/IE.

Further, the streaming giant also shared the planned schedule of every episode. The tweet read the thirteen episodes will premiere in two parts. The first three episodes will hit your screens on April 19. And the next five episodes will air weekly, i.e., every following Tuesday. Once the first part is out, there won’t be a long wait. The second and final run of the last six episodes of the concluding season will roll out on 11 July 2022.

“In my eyes, this is our most ambitious, surprising and, yes, heartbreaking season,” showrunner Peter Gould said to Deadline on Thursday. “Even under incredibly challenging circumstances, the whole ‘Saul’ team — writers, cast, producers, directors and crew — have outdone themselves. I couldn’t be more excited to share what we’ve accomplished together.”

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Do let us know in the comment section, what do you think of this astonishing journey of McGill aka Goodman as you watch the concluding episodes of Better Call Saul from April 19th

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